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Herbal Teas to Support Your Child’s Health – A Complete Guide

As winters are approaching, it is the time when you should take care of your toddler’s health. To keep them healthy, herbal teas play an important role. 

When it comes to herbal tea, most people are confused is it good for the baby’s health or not. As per doctors, herbal baby tea is a warm beverage for children in winter. These teas can certainly help soothe sniffles, coughs, and sore throats. Herbal tea contains ginger; Tulsi, mint, pepper, and cinnamon are extremely healthy and keep your child away from all kinds of illnesses. Every kind of herbal tea comes with different effective benefits. Some common are considered below:

  • Herbal tea can help toddlers with fever.
  • It is beneficial for treating nausea. 
  • Herbal teas may help in treating constipation. 
  • It may provide a cure from cold and cough. 
  • These nutrients herbal teas help in reducing the anxiety level. 
  • It may help in treating colic (Stomach pain)

Herbal Teas That are Safe for Your Kid’s Health:

Fennel Tea:

In terms of herbal tea, fennel tea is one of the best considerations for kids. It is the best remedy for treating gastric distress like gas pain, stomach cramps, spasms, or even colic. Most people think that fennel contains organic substance estragole that is good or may cause cancer. But it is completely wrong. It provides relief respiratory issues as well as treats digestion problems in kids.

Ginger Tea:

For kids as well as adults or elderly, ginger herbal tea is a perfect remedy for treating cold and cough issues. Taking a daily cup of ginger tea could be a good idea to soothe a child’s tummy. It might even help in reducing nausea. As per doctors, the heat of ginger tea slays the germs and may soothe a sore throat.

Note* Ginger tea is good for a kid’s health but too much strongly brewed may cause heartburn. 

Lemon Balm Tea:

Lemon balm tea is one of the perfect herbal teas for kids. Lemon balm tea contains lemon flavor to boost the fruity flavor of various other teas. This herbal tea has antiviral properties that help with sleep issues, anxiety, cold, and cough. Herbal lemon balm tea with valerian root also helps young children with restlessness and trouble sleeping.

Peppermint Tea:

For kids, peppermint tea is very beneficial that helps upset tummy issues. This includes irritable bowel, colic, vomiting, and nausea. As per doctors, if you give this tea to your minor in the evening, it may help them to rest from cold. This herbal tea is robust with a refreshing flavor that your child likes if they ever licked a candy cane. 

Chamomile Tea:

Chamomile is a calming herb containing anti-inflammatory and antispasmodic properties that offers a host of health benefits to children. This herb comes from daisy flowers. It helps in relieving stomach ache as well as digestion problems, gastric problems, insomnia, cold, etc.

Mint Tea:

This mint and rosemary combination makes a very refreshing jorum and helps to improve memory. It’s also good for toddlers for treating upset tummy issues such as improper digestion, weaken the immune system. Mint tea is also good for fighting bad breath and relieving stress and anxiety. 

Mullein Tea:

Mullein tea is another one of the best herbal teas for kid’s health. It helps in providing relief from cough and treats pneumonia, colic, diarrhea, fever, common cold, and even bronchitis.

Note* Don’t make a too strong brew. You just  add one tablespoon of mullein powder. 

Tulsi Tea:

Another one of the best baby tea is “Tulsi herbal tea”. According to Ayurveda, Tulsi, or holy basil, is a pretty amazing herb which has been in use since the 1600s. It helps rekindle your immunity and battle evil germs, heal clutch skin issues (Various kinds of skin allergies). Moreover, its antibiotic properties and active compounds help in balancing blood sugar as well as diabetes problems.   

Note* Adding lemon juice and honey in Tulsi tea gives you relaxing and soothing benefits for a duration. 

Hibiscus Tea:

Hibiscus herbal tea is also safe and supports the kid’s health. This tea is found from the hibiscus named flower plant that grows in warm weather. It is a perfect remedy in preventing hypertension, boosting the immune system, lowering blood pressure, reducing high blood sugar levels, and best suitable in maintaining a healthy liver. Its herbal properties also help with depression, aid digestion, and manage a perfect weight. It is sour with beautiful red and mostly loved by children. 

Other Important Tips:

  • While buying any herbal tea for kids, always read the label first. It is because some tea contains more kinds of herb.
  • Always buy loose leaf herbal tea instead of teabags. 
  • If you are giving herbal tea for the first time to your child then using it in a small amount will be good.
  • Don’t make the strong brew. If you experience tea is strong, add some warm water to dilute it.
  • Don’t boil the leaf for more than 6 to 10 minutes.
  • After boiling the tea, wait for a while until the tea water is room temperature (Too hot tea can cause heartburn).
  • Don’t overdose your child. Only 1 to 3 cups of herbal tea per day is safe as well as healthy for kids. (Too much tea can cause intoxication).
  • If you want to add some flavor or taste in herbal tea, you can add a spoon of honey (But not too much or say no to  sugar). 

Note* Whether you are giving milk or any herbal tea, don’t offer honey to your child under 12 months. It might be risky and can cause tooth decay & botulism. 

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