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Helpful Tips for Getting Started In Aerial Drone Photography

In this digital age, technology is rapidly changing. Many technologies come that provide you the ease of doing several tasks. Today, you don’t need to wait for anything or waste your time getting things. With just clicks, you can get all the things at your doorstep. 

When it comes to photography, the longest selfies stick and the lowest-hovering helicopter is used for capturing stunning views for making eye-catching portraits. But today, aerial photography becomes more popular for capturing high-quality and stunning pictures.  

A drone is more accessible, better value, and easier to operate than other technology. You can operate it by yourself and take amazing photos. One of the best things, you can easily purchase it for long term benefits. 

Are you thinking about buying a drone and starting aerial drone photography?

5 Helpful Tips are Considered Below:

Enhance Your Flying Skills:

After buying the drone, you should practice on your skills instead of focusing on photography. Most people buy a small drone and fly it around the home. But in reality, these small and cheap drones are more difficult to fly than large outdoor drones. These outdoor drones are GPS stabilized and have more chances to crash. So learn first all the things comfortably such as:

  • Check the damage and lose fixing.
  • Know about the battery process (How much time it runs).
  • Improve your level of control.
  • If possible then run in open space instead of a crowded area. 
  • Get familiar with all the functions.

Be Safe and Legal:

If you are a beginner with the use of drone technology then first you should learn the rules and regulations of flying. It is because every city has different rules for flying drones. Like you can’t fly drones in an open large people gathering areas, near airports, keep drones away from 50m clear from buildings, roads, and people not under your control. To know all things are very necessary for your safety.

Understand the Drone Control and Settings:

There are numerous drone controls and settings that are very necessary to understand. Few of them are:

  1. a) Arming and Disarming:

In drone technology, both functions work as on or off. When you switch on the drone it is disarmed, which means it can’t fly until it has been “armed”.

  1. b) Transmitter Mode:

The drone comes with two transmitter modes and these modes behave like a drone. In both modes, the left stick is used to control the rotation and the right stick is used to control motion roll. 

Note* If you are a beginner in using a drone, it’s best to start with the mode 2.

4: Know All the Things About Flight Modes:

Several flight modes are available in drone photography technology. To capture the stunning images it is very necessary to learn the functions of all modes and how to activate them. Few of flight modes are considered below:

Standard: In this mode, the drone levels itself and achieves the limit to make it easier to fly. 

Advanced: This mode is just the same as standard mode but its maximum tilt is less restrictive.

Manual: In this mode, all stabilization is off and no maximum tilt is applied. 

Don’t Zoom Your Camera in Drone Photography:

Last but not least. If you are using a camera with high pixels then don’t zoom the camera in drone photography. It is because the tiny vibration in drone spinning propellers can shake the camera. Thus the result is blurry images. 

Note* For best capturing, keep your camera focal length as wide as possible at all times.

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