Customer retention is a top priority of every business, especially for eCommerce platforms. This is because of the limited interaction between the customer and the merchant, that too in a virtual environment. Shopify eCommerce store owners can create a lasting impression on their customers with the GreyFOX AI customer engagement platform.

GreyFOX AI is a marketing automation platform designed to improve the engagement and loyalty of the customers at every stage of the customer’s lifecycle. It supports both the Shopify online eCommerce and Point of Sale (POS) system to enable Shopify merchants to use the loyalty program in the POS of their shop. Sellers can offer loyalty points, discounts, rewards to their customers to keep them retained for long.

GreyFOX AI enables Shopify merchants to create an omnichannel rewards program to provide multiple perks to their customers.

Shopify merchants using the GreyFOX AI platform can provide various promotional offers to their customers. It generates trust within the customers which motivates them to stick to the eCommerce platform for years. For instance, Amazon offers cashback offers to the customers that motivates them to stay associated with the platform for years.

The global market for POS in 2018 reached $62.34 billion and as per various experts’ predictions, it is expected to grow at a CAGR of 7.8% by 2025.

Point-Based Rewards and Referral Programs to Increase Customer Engagement

Using the GreyFOX AI platform, Shopify merchants can provide loyalty programs to customers to motivate them to repeat their purchases. Sellers can incentive customers with additional discounts or advanced access to new stock

According to 2019 Statista Reports, The number of mobile POS payment users is expected to hit 1,657.5M by 2023.

GreyFOX AI with Shopify enables sellers to create a seamless, omnichannel loyalty experience for customers.

Why Choose GreyFOX AI for Your Shopify Store

Facilitates Connection with Multiple Stores

GreyFOX AI enables sellers to seamlessly connect their online and physical stores so that customers can easily collect and redeem loyalty points from any location. The marketing automation platform facilitates Shopify merchants to create brand loyalty amongst customers. It offers easy redemption of reward points from multiple locations to increase sales.

Customers Engagement with Online and Offline Channels

Shopify merchants can encourage their in-store customers to purchase products from their online stores and earn promotional rewards. Through the GreyFOX AI marketing automation platform, sellers can implement customer loyalty programs to retain customers.

A point-based loyalty program increases online sales and conversions. Shopify merchants can integrate the GreyFOX AI platform with their website, email marketing, and social media channels to improve customer retention

Keep Customers Informed

GreyFOX AI marketing automation platform keeps customers informed about the latest deals and offers through automatic loyalty email marketing. The platform also shoots an email to the customers about their available reward points along with their date of expiry. Using the GreyFOX AI platform, merchants can reward their customers with exclusive loyalty points that immediately motivate them to purchase and increase customer sales.

Building strong Customer-Seller Relationship

The AI-powered promotional platform tracks customers’ purchasing habits and based on that it tailors exclusive offers to capture more sales. Apart from giving exclusive offers, it understands the purchasing behavior of the customers. The platform intelligently pushes notifications, attractive deals, emails, smart pop-ups to increase sales and engage more customers.

A platform for where Customers Can Themselves Curate their Offers

GreyFOX AI is a Customer-Centric Marketing Automation Platform that enables customers to create personalized offers for themselves. Since it is an AI-based platform it uses customers’ data to understand their preferences and accordingly offers them the most relevant deals. For Instance, Kiara is a loyal customer at your store. She frequently visits your store to purchase her favorite stuff. Now when she visits your online store, she gets choices to either enjoy reward points or buy a pair of jeans. She can personalize the offer as per her current requirements. A chain of options is created for her to maximize sales and improve customer retention. Below is the snapshot of how customers can personalize these deals using GreyFOX AI.

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