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Google AdWord (PPC) Campaign Packages Cheap Rates

We hope that you will find this Google Adword package competitive, we ensure you the results will be positive as we will comply with all the google’s recommendations.  

Packages For Adword Campaign

BASIC Plan 199$ / Per Month

STANDARD Plan 299$ / Per Month

PREMIUM Plan 399$ / Per Month

Up To 5 Campaigns Up To 8 Campaigns Up To 15 Campaigns
Up To 10 Ad Groups Up To 24 Ad Groups Up To 45 Ad Groups
Up To 50 Keywords Up To 100 Keywords Up To 300 Keywords
Group Ad Text Creation PPCGroup Ad Text Creation PPCGroup Ad Text Creation PPC
Budget Analysis AdWordsBudget Analysis AdWordsBudget Analysis AdWords
Conversion Tracking CodeConversion Tracking CodeConversion Tracking Code
Search Network Geo-Targeting ( Locations )Search Network Geo-Targeting ( Locations )Search Network Geo-Targeting ( Locations )
Google Analytics LinkingGoogle Analytics LinkingGoogle Analytics Linking
Adwords & Google AnalyticsAdwords & Google AnalyticsAdwords & Google Analytics
Google Analytics TrackingGoogle Analytics TrackingGoogle Analytics Tracking
Negative Keywords ListsNegative Keywords ListsNegative Keywords Lists
Conversion TrackingConversion TrackingConversion Tracking
Mobile Optimized AdMobile Optimized AdMobile Optimized Ad
Click To CallClick To CallClick To Call
Display Network CampaignDisplay Network CampaignDisplay Network Campaign
Custom Weekly ReportsCustom Weekly ReportsCustom Weekly Reports

The paid budget expenditure will be 50% of the total paid campaign amount.

Terms & Conditions

  • The client will need to provide the credentials of the said website in order to gain access and launching the campaigns.
  • The client will need to pay the total amount of the campaign in advance.
  • The client will be provided with the results along with a complete monthly report.
  • Once the targeted keywords will be focused it will not be changed or reversed as it will affect the performance.

I hope that you would like my proposal and if you need to ask anything regarding it you may write back without any hesitation. Please be informed there will be 100% transparency!

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