Currently, there are an estimated 3.3 million apps on Google Play Store and over 2.2 million iOS apps on App Store. (Source), making a total of over 5.5 million apps on the two most popular platforms.

Some of the most simple app ideas have converted into multi-million dollar businesses: Instagram, WhatsApp, Tinder, Uber… the list reads like the who’s who of the digital corporate world.

If you’re considering getting an app built, it’s the right thing to do and this is the right time to do it. Here’s a list of the top mobile app ideas for 2020:


What is the app about: This app can support farming and agriculture decisions.

Stakeholders: Farm-owners, Farm managers, Fertilizer manufacturers, Farm equipment suppliers, financial institutions, Farm produce purchasers

Why this app matters: In 2017, agriculture and food-related industries brought in $1.053 trillion to the economy. (Source). This alone tells you the kind of potential this app carries.

Apart from being one of the best mobile app ideas, this app gives you doing something meaningful, considering that food production remains a significant challenge even in the 21st century. Any technological contribution you can make in farming methods, crop cycles, irrigation and related activities will be more than welcome.

Features you can include: The list of features you can include in this app is almost endless.

You can give users access to broad information like

weather conditions forecasts, rainfall history farm mapping, farm management grain marketing.

Your app can also connect farm-owners to equipment suppliers, financial institutions that offer credit and nearby market places. You can also take the app further by including alerts and podcasts.


What is the app about: This app will help users find the best vacation spots that suit their preferences.

Stakeholders: Vacationers, travel agencies, hospitality industry professionals, government tourism departments

Why this app matters: Its universal appeal makes it one of the best ideas for apps. In 2017, the US travel and tourism industry alone generated a whopping $1.6 trillion and supported nearly 7.8 million jobs in the US. (Source). Figures for Europe elsewhere are equally exciting.

  • Features you can include: This app can include features like available hotels nearby the suggested destinations
  •  transportation facilities available. best times to visit, local climate and terrains, activities travelers can do there (e.g. rock-climbing, hiking, swimming)
  • information on local culture and cuisines. Users can also be given tips on environment impact.

Your app can also help users build an itinerary and assist them from planning trips to bookings and getting great deals.


What is the app about: Users of this app can find nearby doctors and seek professional help and counseling.

Stakeholders: Patients, Parents, Doctors, Para-medical professionals, Pharmacies, Hospitals, Insurance companies

Why this app matters: The technologies and lifestyles of the 21st century have thrown up some serious healthcare issues. A report estimates that health-care in the US touched $3.5 trillion in 2017. (Source).

Not only such apps have great potential for business, but also to contribute to a healthier, better society.

Features you can include: You can classify the features into two categories: emergency consultations and planned consultations.

  • Your app can connect patients either traveling to or based in remote locations to qualified doctors. The app can also allow store patient history and fix appointments.
  • help arrange video calls with doctors for remote consultations and get prescriptions.

Extending the idea, you can integrate the app with pharmacies to deliver medicines, labs for clinical investigations and insurance companies for relevant claims.


What is the app about: A dating app can help users find dates and build relationships.

Stakeholders: Individuals seeking relationships over certain interests/likes

Why this app matters: Changing lifestyles and technologies have almost revolutionized the way we interact with others on a social basis. About 110.6 million Americans who are aged 18 and above were reported single some time back (Source). That alone gives you huge potential of dating apps.

Features you can include: A dating app is essentially a match-making app: your app has to match features of one user with another.

Your app must be able to map the user’s profile using details like age, location, and other criteria. Then the app will look for another user whose profile and requirements complement that of the first user. The idea of the app will be find best fits.

Dating apps are successfully operating on a freemium model: free users get a limited number of features while paid users get more features and better help. Your app can extend into offering tips on fitness, grooming and relationship advice.


What is the app about: This app will provide details of job openings to candidates looking for a job or a change.

Stakeholders: Individuals, Organizations, Government employment bureaus, Immigration departments

Why this app matters: Your app can serve two sectors. One sector is people who are currently unemployed and are actively looking for a job. The second sector is people who are already employed somewhere but looking for change.

Europe itself has 15.6 million people who are unemployed and who can benefit from your app (Source).

Features you can include: The basic feature on your app will include job openings, jog locations and likely emoluments.

The best part is there is a huge scope for value-added services with this app. You can, for instance, help users build profiles and resumes. You can suggest certifications that can help users get jobs faster. Your app can provide in-depth information on companies and let current or past employees rate them. Further help could be offered in terms of interview guidance.

Also, your app can have features where registered users apply for jobs with a single click. With all these possibilities, no wonder a job and employment app always finds a mention in a list of cool app ideas.


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