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Giving Trends for Nonprofit in USA 2019 | iConnectX

The US has been named as the world’s most generous country and makes the highest donation than any other country. 2017 was considered the year for charity and philanthropist.

Industrialists and individuals donated the whopping $390 billion and same year top the US business tycoons Bill Gates and Warren Buffet did not make the list in top 10 donors. Find here the top 10 most generous the US donors.

The US has seen the year on year growth and recorded a 4.1% growth in 2018 and crossed $400 bn donations first time in history. A charitable donation is not like raising funds for your favorite non-profit organizations, but a philanthropist can donate best items to charity, sponsor the programs and events of charity.

participate as a volunteer for the charity or support in any manner as possible.

Factors that will impact the US philanthropy in 2019

Economic Factors

The trends showing a slowdown in the US market that probably will affect giving trends in 2019 and hit the philanthropists and especially influence small givers.

Corporate Sponsorship

2018 was good for nonprofit charities as many big corporates tied up with the charity to sponsor their programs and causes. North America alone contributed a whopping $24 billion in philanthropic works. This is the positive trends in the industry that a charity can leverage.

Corporates partnership with nonprofit charities to carried out social activities in the region. Corporates are supporting the charities not by just by donating funds but also by sponsoring the charities’ events, programs, cause; donated products to auction; employee-driven fundraising events; and volunteering activity.

Growth of Online Fundraising

Philanthropic or charitable works are not limited to a region by an individual but now one can use the online platform to donate. Online giving has seen a staggering 12.1% growth over 2017.

Social Media

Social media is playing an important role to create awareness about the philanthropic works. Charities are using the platform to promote their causes, running fundraising campaigns for their live programs.

35% growth recorded in donation because of creating awareness on the social media platform.

There are some factors the charity has to consider while strategizing the social media activity for their fundraising programs in 2019. Know what charities can do in the era of social media as it has become a powerful tool for a nonprofit charity for fundraising.

Emerging Trends in Giving for Charity in 2019


Seeing the growth in fundraising in previous years; individuals, industrialists, and charities are going to collaborate for a cross-nation cause. Charities are now looking towards government and industrialists for large issues like climate change, sanitation or food for all.


The donor has the right to see where his funds are being utilized. A nonprofit charity must display all expenses on their websites. So, a user can see where the charity is spending their donated funds.

Growing concern over cybersecurity

Nonprofit business stores the millions of data and also accept the online funds for their causes. With a rise in cybercrime, a charity has to protect their data from hackers to avoid any kind of theft. Nonprofit business is now tying with technology giants to protect their data from hackers.

Mobile fundraising

Mobile has become a part of everyone’s life and millions of people are using it one daily basis and it has become center stage in all our areas and fundraising is not left out of this. The number of fundraising transactions in 2018 has seen 50% growth compare to last year and is expected to grow in coming years.

Personalized giving

Donors are now connecting to nonprofit through social media channels and sharing the heartfelt messages to charities along with making the donations.

Recent Needs for Nonprofit

In the light of uncertainties due to the implication of tax reforms, the charity has to clear on their strategy and thoughts and look for other demographics also.

Nonprofit organizations have to come up with the best fundraising event ideas to engage the existing donors and find a new one.

Organizing Fundraising Events

Nonprofit must organize fundraising events regularly, it not only retains the regular donors but also helps to get new donors for your cause. As per the study, 56% of donors regularly attend fundraising events. It is a traditional method of engagement with donors and still effective.

Fundraising events could be networking events, charity auctions, training events, galas, etc.

The purpose of a fundraiser is to raise awareness about a cause and build a support group for the cause.

A regular traditional event and social media activity by charities can encourage volunteers to join in organizing the events or make the donation for the causes. Nonprofits have to share success stories or videos/images of their recently concluded volunteer activity, programs, social cause to connect with donors.

Nonprofits need to get creative and come up with innovative fundraising event ideas for better engagement.

Find Best Charities to Donate

Before making any kind of charitable donation to an organization, you must have to research about the best charities. One needs to research the charity based on how much money they are spending on marketing, spending on employee salary, spending on programs, programs & causes success, and are they sharing all their expenditure on their website for clear transparency. Donate

Best Charities to Donate to in USA 2019 by iConnectX

Global Giving Foundation Inc

International Oasis

LLEM International Inc


Wildlife Conservation Foundation

Michigan Council of Women in Technology

Children’s Hospital of Michigan Foundation

Habitat for Humanity of Huron Valley

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