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getting more friends like me

My character traits are:

-I rarely watch a little bit of anime

-i rarely play a little bit of games

-i don’t read mangas or comics

-i hate smoking

-i don’t want or have pets

-i don’t curse too much

-i don’t watch much movies or TV shows(i don’t have or use netflix, hulu and stuff like that because i don’t have the money for those right now)

-i like watching sports but i don’t know any sports stat right now

-i’m pretty bad at playing sports

-i’m mostly shy

-i go to church but don’t know much about the bible right now

-i don’t know much about politics right now

-i hate horror movies

-i don’t pay or have bills

-i love online browsing/being on random websites and taking some notes about that

-i love knowing about company facts and other facts

-i like watching some TV commercials

-i know almost every car name

-i like people who think discipline seems bad but technically isn’t/i also like people who are half nice and half mean depending on what people do to them

-i like imagining any fake story

-i have autism but don’t know which type i have

-i don’t work out

-i still don’t watch wrestling nowadays

-i don’t hike

-i don’t flex or say how much i bought with designer clothes (or other items) too much

-i don’t look at memes too much

-i’m not a gangster

-i’m not a nerd

-i don’t remember my past too much

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