Future of technology in education.

Here is what I want for the future of education but it costs money which I fear many are not willing to invest.

1. More personalized education. Each student learns each subject at a different pace and excels via different styles of learning. This is the most important way in which education needs to improve and it can do so by leveraging technology .

2. Increase in access to education. This is obvious. There is currently enough technology for anyone to learn anything they want but the problem is that not enough people know how to find it or have the resources to use it. This will naturally improve as everything become more affordable and more widespread.

3. Motivated students. It is not enough to just increase access. Many kids who have access to free education today do not have the motivation to do it. I think that you have to make education a choice for kids. I believe that all kids are excited about going to their first year of school, even if some of them are worried about meeting so many new people and being in the foreign environment that is school. But they are excited to learn. Any child that is too young for school has an insatiable thirst to learn. Somehow school squashes that out of most of us. We need to keep our children thirsty in this respect. I suggest giving them more choice in education to learn what they want, when they want. I’m not suggesting they can completely ignore English class, but if that want to focus for math for a year, let them do it. Don’t let them graduate elementary or secondary school until they have the required level of English, but let them make that up later if they are really interested in math first.