What should I feed my senior dog?

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      ronald bevill

      should I feed my senior dog

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      Frank Bell

      them what they really need, start with requesting blood work. If your dog has developed a kidney or liver problem, it’s crucial to change them to a low-fat diet.
      While all dogs benefit from not having too much salt and fat in their diet, it becomes increasingly more important as they age, so be very careful with the table scraps. You’d also want to give them more fruits and vegetables to prevent constipation.

      Older dogs in particular tend to suffer from joint pains. You’d want to make sure to include enough glucosamine and chondroitin in their diet to relieve their arthritis. Some excellent sources are shellfish shells and cartilages, such as animal ears, noses, and trachea.

      Even if your dog doesn’t have any specific issues, it’s still important to give them an age-appropriate diet. You can find excellent recommendations by visiting https://thedoggypedia.com/dog-food-senior-dogs/ .

Viewing 1 reply thread
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