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    Hussain Ali

    what is a safe trick to earn 5$+ per click with AdSense? my current CPC is 0.30 to 0.80, I want to increases my CPC. need your help. thanks

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    If your blog or website traffic 10–3000 you can earn about $2 a month, 3000–30,000 $10 a month.. If the niches are general..

    See if you’re from the Country India, Pakistan or any Asian countries you will get a CPC like $0.5 so with huge traffics too you can’t make anything great….

    Now what’s your niche? Is it technology? Don’t you think the one in tech knows about Adsense? So the probability of getting clicks are less. Also people uses Adblockers.

    Now if your niche is insurance, cars, donating cars, plumbing in US or Uk then i can say with 3000 visitors you can earn $300 a month…

    So none can tell exactly how much can you earn or how to earn as it totally depends on your visitors, your niche and the keywords you’re targeting…

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    Muntazir Abbas

    Actually, CPC depends on your location and niche. I have a tip for you. google adsense not share you specific earning. So After complete your AdSense niche site. Start to send traffic if you send 1000 traffic then check your earning. Example (1000 traffic = earning $10. ) That means your need daily 5000 traffic so you can earn daily $50.

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    Muntazir Abbas

    @paulnwankwo.blog.com. If you need adsense account contact me at: muntazirgb@gmail.com

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