What do you think about cheating?

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      What do you think about cheating?

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      We have a policy with my wife. It was established 8 years ago and it never failed us. If some of us do cheat we should hide it carefully. And never told each other or let each other discover it. However we also agreed that we wouldn’t try to investigate each other. So if she told that she would go the theatre with her friends I wouldn’t ask the numbers of these friends. I wouldn’t drive to the theatre and wait her there without texting her about it. And if told her that I’m going to the court in another city she wouldn’t call to the court and ask whatever I actually appeared there.

      This policy never let us down.

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      Yeah.. It was quite unpleasant situation because I have been monitoring my wife with mspy for a week before that and caught her red-handed. I knew her location and read all her text messages. Have you seen her face at the very moment!!!!It actually worth money spent because I despite people who are so easily changing their attitude. I am glad to get rid of her finally and feel calm and happy!

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      Ufo Drvr


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