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    Hi..! i’m new to make up and I’ve just brought new foundation, bronzer, powder and a new 12 brush set. I’ve got a few eye shadows, eyeliner, mascara and lipstick already. Is that the basics covered?

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    Sidra Classay

    1. Invent in good makeup tools such as brushes and sponge. Your brushes do not need to be procey, as long as it feels good on your skin and pick up pigment well. For skin, I always reccommend the Beauty Blender sponge to everybody because it’s super awesome! Applying foundation and bb creams are made easier and more comfortable with it. Especially for those with acne-prone skin and uneven skin texture, the damp and cool sponge makes your skin feels better compared to the warmth of fingers or the slightly tougher foundation brush. It also makes your foundation blends naturally with your skin so you’ll look less made up.

    2. Vaseline petroleum jelly is everything. You can use it as emergency moisturizer, makeup remover, lipbalm to prep your lips before lisptick, and my favorite of all: eyeshadow primer. Take some of the Vaseline with a clean finger and rub it between two fingers to warm and loosen it, then pat them lightly on your eyelids, inner and outer corner. Do not pat them too far to the undereye area because it can make fallouts harder to clean. It really brings out the true color of an eyeshadow and it also makes it stays longer!

    3. Do not underestimate the effect of a good eyebrow. If you’re blessed with a thick eyebrow, simply shape them and most of the days you’re good to go. But if you have sparse hair on your eyebrow, take some time to lightly fill them in when you go out. Foundation, eyeliner/mascara, tinted lipbalm and a clean eyebrow is enough to make you look fresh and will make you look longer to your reflection in the mirror.

    4. If you have active acne and acne scars like me, I would reccommend to skip the blush. Especially if your skin is oily, they usually makes your skin look angrier than usual. No matter what brand and formula I used, I always end up finding the blush accentuate the uneven texture of my skin.

    5. Primer is important if you have oily skin. It makes your foundation stays longer and not all caked up at the end of the day.

    6. Experiment with makeup! The beauty of makeup is that it can makes you look a thousand different way but at the end of the day you can easily wipe them off. You’re still you, makeup only shows different shades of you.

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    I feel like the person who wrote this isn’t the most knowledgeable person about make up and make up application. And MAC fix is cheaper buying from MAC.

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    Eman Fa

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    Aliza Lakhani

    Don’t wear makeup to look pretty. You and everyone else is already pretty even without any. The purpose of wearing makeup is no more than enhancing the beauty that you own since you were born.

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