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      Jasmine Mao


      T-shirts are the most everyday items we wear at the lowest price, It is also necessary to prepare a few more pieces. In the summer we each need at least four T-shirts to replace.

      In terms of color, black and white ash is the main color, and the navy is also a common color. Beige is also a good choice for white skin, cool and sunny.

      However, T-shirts need to be very careful, especially white ones. Don’t wear them once they are yellow. The deformation of the neckline and the change of the overall appearance of the clothes become loose and It really affects your appearance too.

      I always think that T-shirts don’t have to be expensive, and the quality of $30 is very good. If there are 4 replacements, you can usually wear 2 summers. Every summer is about 3 months, and 2 summers are 180 days. You can wear 4 T-shirts for $120 yuan for 180 days, Even in the spring and autumn, you can make a base, so you will get $0.6 a day.


      A shirt is an essential piece after you get to work. In any case, you must have a high-quality shirt in your closet. The color can be white, blue, black or gray.

      Of course, the size must fit, avoid wearing yourself as a real estate agent. Choose a style that is simple and clean, preferably a little design. It is not that you must.

      A high-quality shirt

      can help you improve your dressing taste in many necessary situations, so the investment must be worthwhile.

      The basics mentioned above are also biased towards formality. Let’s take a look at some of the daily routines. Usually, it can be more casual. Stand collar, informal striped, a little stylish pocket style, etc.

      These are both versatile and lining.

      POLO Shirt

      It’s not as formal as a shirt, But it’s more stylish than a T-shirt. Daily T-shirts are relatively casual and may appear too casual in some slightly formal occasions, so polo is a good choice at this time

      The choice of polo does not need to be complicated, the design is simple, and there is no exaggerated decorative pattern. If you are young, don’t choose pure black without any decorative design.

      So when you choose, you can choose the basic model for lighter colors. If you are dark, you need a little design. The dark color itself has a mature character, so try to avoid it.

      Long Sleeve Bottoming

      Long-sleeved T-shirts are mainly for the autumn and winter seasons. The main function is to keep warm and versatile.

      The choice is also to choose a high collar or a low collar. Note that if you have a face, you can choose a V-neck. If your face is long and your neck is long, you can choose a round neck or a high neck. If your neck is short, you can choose a V-neck or a half-high collar.

      In terms of color, basic black and white ash, as well as burgundy and caramel colors, are all available. You can determine the color that suits you according to your skin color.


      Sweatshirts are the favorite of trend-loving people, all kinds of colors and designs. At the same time, At the same time, the sweater is also a good style for the stars when shooting, the applicable season is also relatively wide. It can be used in spring, autumn, and winter.

      Ordinary jackets and the like will be relatively regular, then the sweater can choose to have a sense of design, I believe that many people who like to play street fashion, there are countless sweaters in the closet.

      As for the choice of spring and autumn models or fleece models, it depends on their own needs, but in winter everyone can prepare 2 pieces of fleece, it is really warm and beautiful.

      Hooded or un-capped can be chosen according to personal hobbies, do not need to worry about too many matching problems, as long as the hood does not match with the hood.


      In autumn and winter, sweaters are the easiest items we have to think about, mainly because of the low price, moderate warmth, and more styles.

      The high-leading winds of these two years have returned, so the high-collar workers can also prepare one. If you are worried that the high neck is not long enough to drive, you can choose a half-high collar, which looks like the neck will be longer and the effect will be good.

      The boy wearing a turtleneck sweater is very handsome, will give people a very warm feeling of a neighbor’s brother ~ So the Korean drama man is often a high-necked sweater with a coat to wear.


      Regarding the choice of the coat, there is no need to be too much, and the basic types are one for each item, and the necessary occasions should be dealt with. Most of the rest are still worn every day. However, the overall choice of the coat can be more expensive, and the coat is similar in price to the shoes in its own item.

      Leisure Single Suit

      Everyone may be wondering, they have already prepared a suit set, why do they have to buy singly. In fact, the probability that we usually use the suit set is very low. If it is not for work, we basically need to use the occasions of wedding, hosting an annual meeting.

      But a casual single can save you in a lot of formal but not too versatile situations. At the time of the wedding, you are not the protagonist, so you should be formal but you can’t cover the protagonist. At this time, a fit single suit can help you very well~

      This is just an occasion. In daily life, this situation is very much, so it is very necessary to have a casual single in the closet.

      Denim Jacket

      The denim jacket is basically a must-have item in the closet. It can be worn from school to a doll, or even an heirloom. This metaphor should explain its durability.

      Of course, the choice of denim jacket is closely related to our skin color. The lighter color is more youthful and more energetic, and it is more suitable for people with a small amount of feeling. A large number of people can choose a darker color, and the version is more spacious.

      leather Jacket

      The leather jacket is like a denim jacket, it is a very personal dress. Very cool, especially for boys who like the punk style, and students who like to play racing, leather clothing is an essential item.

      Casual Coat

      Usually, we always need a few coats to replace, when you are out of leisure, a comfortable coat can bring more relaxation.


      For the windbreaker, some students may say that I can wear it when I am not tall enough. Is it not possible to wear a windbreaker when the height is 5.5ft? Of course not, the little boys can still wear a very handsome feeling. Mainly your choice of length and self-cultivation.

      The best length is a little under the buttocks. The looseness is slightly slim, but not too slim and too loose.

      Woolen Coat

      These two years are very popular with the combination of woolen coats and turtleneck sweaters. Or some of them are paired with a shirt in a round neck sweater, and the effect is super good. It has a rich sense of layering, and it can also properly display the position of the waistline.

      For some regular wearers, you can try some plaids, which are more fashionable, but it is not recommended for beginners.

      If you are a little fat, please continue to wear a single color. This kind of plaid is not suitable and will have a sense of expansion.

      Down jacket

      For us, if there is no down jacket in winter, it will leave a very cold impression. Most boys don’t like to wear too many layers of clothes, so whether it is in some parts of the south or the north, down jackets are a very necessary warmth.

      Regular or long models each have their own advantages. For short boys, most of the short items will be better. If you wear long items, the length control will be better in the middle of the thighs.

      If you are a large number of people, you must choose a large profile, the effect is good to help your GF to block the wind when necessary.

      Suit Set

      About the suit, I will show you several types of slings, smashing collars, flat collars, single-breasted buckles, and double-breasted buckles. Basic understanding of it, you can make a reference when you choose the style.

      Here I can recommend a custom platform (yeabarron), you can choose the type of suit you like, and the price is dirt cheap.

      The suit is the most versatile costume, and it has given it the mission of a formal career. Therefore, once we start to enter the society to participate in the work, we always have a formal suit in the closet and use it to deal with all necessary formal occasions.

      Basically, only one set is enough. When you buy it, you can buy some fit sizes. It is best to go to a custom place. After all, this set can help you for many years, as long as you don’t make big changes in your body, this suit can always help you.

      In the choice of style, try to choose the classic and more classic colors, a little small design feels the best. Avoid fancy and doping the most popular elements, after all, you are not only in need at the moment, but also wear it later.

      The price can be more expensive. A high-quality suit is your business card for important occasions. It is very important to you and worth investing in.


      In terms of trousers, the length is very important, so the length of your pants is used to summarize the length of the pants that suits you best. As a reference for daily purchases, of course, you don’t have to worry about it. The mall basically has a place to change trousers.

      Due to the average height of men, the length of the pants of the boys is generally very normal. After all, it can be shortened if it is long, but there is no way to be short, so when the pants are played, it will be set according to the leg length of the person with higher height under this size.


      Needless to say, everyone will also prepare a few jeans in the closet.

      That is, you may start with the same color. What I want to say here is that you can prepare a few more colors. Especially in the summer, light jeans with a white T-shirt is a very good, completely refreshing and clean image.

      The choice of style, straight or slightly wide leg is very good. Straight-type basic versatile, no matter what kind of tops can be matched, shoes, shoes, white shoes, canvas shoes can also be matched.

      Iron-free straight pants

      The emergence of non-ironing technology and fabrics has saved many people from wearing clothes.

      Both boys and girls face a very hasty process when they go to work in the morning. There is no time to iron the clothes first, but wearing crumpled clothes really affects everyone’s professional image.

      Later, the invention of this non-iron fabric helped everyone solve this problem, so as a workplace, it is very convenient and efficient to use straight pants with no ironing.

      Navy, black, and gray are all versatile colors. Plaid will be relatively picky and pay attention to the match, the legs of the rough stars can automatically give up, this is more suitable for the stovepipe family.

      Khaki pants

      The khaki pants and the boots will be more elegant than the jeans, and at the same time avoid the problem of mixing the cowboys on the top and bottom. In the pure life scene, the khaki pants should be replaced when wearing jeans, which can show the elegant temperament. More comfortable than regular pants, yet rigorous.

      The khaki pants must be fit. For this half-life trousers, the definition of fit is more casual. It can be simply understood as self-cultivation, straight, and must conform to your own leg shape. It should be more close to the overalls, not loose, otherwise, it will look like you are particularly jealous. ~

      Once the khaki pants are deformed in the corners of the knees and legs, it is best to change them or not to wear them. Especially when dating, the effect will be greatly reduced, which will affect the temperament.


      There is always a need for a pair of sweatpants, whether it is really sports, or just to give the girl a love of sports.

      Because of the fabric, the sweatpants are very comfortable, and they can be worn at home every day. It is very comfortable to wear when you are at home or when you are at home.


      Shorts are cool items in the summer, especially in the hot summer in the south. If you still wear a pair of trousers, you will really get out of the scorpion.

      However, the choice of shorts has two points to note:

      First, don’t exceed the knee length, or you will be farming like a farmer’s uncle.

      Second, the width should not be too wide for all kinds of wind, nor can it be too narrow to invade others’ vision.


      The shoes are uncomfortable only you know, so be nice to your feet. When choosing shoes, it looks good on the one hand, and comfort is the most important thing.

      As a boy’s shoes can be not so much, but each pair should be comfortable and fit.

      Sports shoes

      Sneakers are essential for every boy. As a boy, you always have to go out and walk, whether it is outdoor hiking or outdoor light leisure. This shock-absorbing and breathable sneaker is a must-have item.


      “Shoes” are flat-plate shoes. Because it is a shoe worn by skateboarders, it is also called skate shoes. The main feature is that the sole should have a cushioning function. It does not have to have an air cushion. The lace has a protective design to prevent abrasion. The toe is the easiest to grind. It needs a very wear-resistant material, and the tongue is thick to protect the ankle.

      Due to the variety of styles, everyone now wears shoes even if they don’t play skateboarding. It really looks good when paired together, so it has become one of the must-have items for boys.

      Canvas shoes

      Canvas shoes are a kind of shoes with thick rubber soles and canvas coverings. Because it is light, durable, and inexpensive, it is popular among people all over the world. The style has a medium help, a low help, and later extended the high-top style.

      Canvas shoes are light and easy to use, whether you are traveling or doing sports.

      Canvas shoes have become the darling of the trend, and manufacturers have also played more shoes on canvas shoes. Retro, sports, gorgeous, heavy metal, rock, horse hair, leather, denim, no matter how it changes, wearing canvas shoes is a must-have item that makes it a must-have item for trendy people.

      Canvas shoes and jeans are constant truths. There is no problem with pencil pants. Even the suits are used. It is the favorite fan of yuppie.

      Canvas shoes are a kind of “weapon” full of spiritual energy and giving people the offensive tension. The rubber-bottomed canvas shoes are a kind of “media” that can help people find friends. Canvas shoes are not only a reflection of cultural tension but also an extension of the lifestyle.

      Leather shoes

      Leather shoe refers to a shoe that uses natural leather as the upper, leather or rubber, plastic, PU foam, PVC, etc., and is processed by sewing, gluing or injection molding. The shoes are breathable, hygroscopic and have good hygienic properties. They are the highest quality shoes in all kinds of shoes.

      When dealing with formal occasions, only one suit is not enough. It must be paired with a pair of high-quality leather shoes, so this is also one of your must-have items.

      Because the shoes are good-looking styles are really bad choices, many details exist, there are always places that are vague and not enough. Here are some more references for everyone.

      For the choice of leather shoes, if you want to know more detailed, you can leave a message or private message me, and later I will choose a separate one for the choice of leather shoes.


      The boots are shoes with a slightly cylindrical shape above the scorpion bone. Boots, originally worn by northern nomads, also known as riding boots and high boots.

      The colors that boots generally choose are black, khaki, and deep burgundy. These are more versatile colors and generally not easy to make mistakes.

      Chelsea boots and Brock carved boots are relatively worn to match the coat or less formal clothing, you can choose the style according to your needs.


      Yes, sandals are a pair of shoes that often spit out by girls. It is like a fashion black hole. It seems that it has never been linked to the word “good-looking”. When you put on sandals, the handsome person becomes an ostrich.

      So if you want to buy them, you can choose a pair of good-looking ones. When you wear them, your feet are clean. Don’t pair with socks when you don’t match them.

      In the past two years, the mountain sandals have been very popular, and they have worn out the trend. Nancy is really good at first sight. You can refer to it.


      Accessories are the embellishment of life, some are necessities, and some can be chosen according to their special circumstances.


      The scarf is mainly used to keep the neck part of the winter warm, and the gray is mostly the most versatile color.

      When the height is not high, the person who wears the scarf should try not to hang down too long. The focus on the neck can have high efficiency.

      If you are a little fat, you can choose a little vertical stripe behind it. If you hang down directly, it will have a slim effect.


      There are many types of hats, and only flat caps are placed here for a show. One of the main functions is concave shape, one is to keep warm, and one important office use is to wear it when the emergency is not washed.

      So the office has an unwritten taboo, don’t try it with a colleague’s hat, he will want to kill you~ hahaha


      There is nothing to say about the belt, boys will have it, just how much. The recommended color is dark brown or black. When you need to expose your belt, be sure to pay attention to the belt and shoes, and the color of the watch is consistent.


      For socks, usually, wear boat socks, wear high-heeled socks to keep warm and cover the autumn pants in winter. So the two types of socks are enough. The exact amount depends on the frequency of your socks. There are a lot of people who wash a bucket of socks a month, There are also a lot of people who wash a pot of socks around the week.


      In fact, this aspect of watches is more about personal ideas. Some people think that watches are not much meaning for decoration. Some people will really use the time to see. Nancy is the watch that really uses the time to look at the time, inertia.

      Just one thing I think that the watch is a symbol of a person’s taste, you can not wear it, but if you wear it, you must wear a more quality watch. A quality watch can add a lot to you~

      This is the 30 items that I recommend can be divided into 6 categories, I hope to help you.

      The essential items for men’s wear, this is the end of writing here~ It took 10 days to write this article. I found more than 200 pictures, and then filtered and combined them into the current 60 sets of pictures. Gratefulness is seen by you, you can collect it after you can’t remember it!

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