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    What are the disadvantages of having free domain and hosting?

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    Muntazir Abbas

    Free hosted websites have limitations like limited data storage & bandwidth, extra functionalities like e-commerce store and maybe some security concerns when you go for the custom domain name. There is the restriction in most of the aspects and one more thing is it doesn’t look so professional.

    Now, the solution is to go to self-hosted website or blog. It’s also simple to create your own website. Even you are new in this field don’t worry. Just go to superb answer blogging forum and you will find all necessary tips and tricks regarding it with how to create a blog. You can get step by step guide and articles on the different topic at single place.

    You can learn some basics from blogger but I would recommend going with the self-hosted one. Don’t think for a few bucks invested in domain and hosting, you will get ROI if you will work from the heart.

    I hope you have better understood the concept now.

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    If Free blog sites decides that you are violating their terms of service, down your site can go. In addition, you don’t have full control.

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    Alex Jones

    The free web hosting is full of multiple disadvantages for those who want to host their website for the commercial purposes. Here are a few major demerits of such free web hosting plans.

    – Advertisements
    Obviously, the commercial website owners would not like to put any ads on their website other than their own. In such cases, getting the free hosting plan will not work at all. For instance, imagine the website of the famous LG brand showing the ads for free counseling or online tutorial classes. Obviously, it will rupture the brand recognition in the market.

    – No Main Domain
    The free hosting plans do not provide the separate domain name. Instead, they only offer the subdomain with their own domain name. For example, you must have seen many personal blogs with the address in the format –, or But, those who want their own main domain name must get the paid hosting services.

    – Customer Support
    There is no customer support if you get technically stuck on installation or there is a need for tutorial or guidance. If you are new to hosting and do not have much time to spare in setting things right, then you should go for paid hosting services.

    – Limited Bandwidth And Speed

    Last, but not the least, the free hosting services have limited bandwidth and data transfer speed. The bandwidth can be seen as the number of visitors allowed on your website per month. If the limit exceeds, the website hosting is halted by the servers, forcing you to buy the paid web hosting plans for extended bandwidth and data transfer rate.

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    Tushar Badgujar

    The One of the Important thing in hosting is the SUPPORT . In free hosting you dont have get support from the provider and Your site will goes down anytime then You cant ask about reason and when it will Up so the best solution is purchase paide hosting with minimum cost
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