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      Jasmine Mao

      Shirts(https://amzn.to/2AVFA4K), for a man, the importance is self-evident, please open the closet, if you look at all the clothes without collars, then sorry, this can only prove that you are a person without serious social. It should be borne in mind that the solemnity and seriousness of the men’s dresses are not reflected in any other dressing elements, but only in the presence or absence of collars.
      Whether you wear it once a year or every day, shirts are shaping your personal style. They are the cornerstone of the overall style of clothing. The collars and cufflinks that are quietly exposed in the neck and cuffs mark the taste of the owner and are worn close-fitting. So it’s very important to choose a shirt that suits you.

      A basic shirt should meet the following three basic requirements :

      · The style is correct: the fit is tailored to ensure that it fits perfectly into the jacket, shaping the inside and outside details, and the collar and sleeve style should be able to fit most occasions.

      · Comfortable fabric: Because it is to be worn close to the body, the fabric determines the comfort level of the shirt. You can accept the best quality fabric in the price . After all, it is responsible for your skin.

      · Color collocation: the color should be similar to the color of the people around you. Don’t jump too much. For example, if you work in a bank, try to choose a white shirt. In the case of an Internet startup company, it is red, orange, yellow and green. Anyway, you always want to subvert the world. Not bad about this one, right?
      As a basic item, the following shirts are a must-have item in every man’s wardrobe:

      · 1st shirt:

      · Dress Shirts

      · Suitable for occasions: formal occasions

      · Investment suggestion: 1 required

      · Color recommendation: white(https://amzn.to/2AVFA4K)


      When wearing formal attire, the shirt must be built inside . This type of shirt, which is usually worn with a formal dress, also has a proper term, called Dress Shirts. It is recommended that each man need at least one basic style shirt for the basic style. Wear a formal suit inside so that you don’t feel too embarrassed when you attend a formal occasion.
      The choice of dress shirts should be divided into the following aspects:

      · Tailoring:

      Generally divided into Slim, Classic, Full and other cuts, Slim is more fit, the waist is thinner, Classic cut is more relaxed, but the difference between different brands is larger, Full waist is looser, hem is longer, more Suitable for taller and fatter people, you should choose according to your own body shape. If you can choose Slim best, you can verify whether the shirt fits by the following key points:

      After fastening the top button, the gap between the collar and the neck should accommodate the next finger. When the neck is turned, the collar cannot be rotated together, which means it is too tight, and it should not be too loose. Otherwise, the neckline will show a proud chest hair:


      After putting into the shirt and the pants hemline, to belt upper flat portion, there can be stacked traces, lines into pants portion cannot hold pants up to the same level:


      Sleeve needs to be the right size, after the cufflinks are fastened, the bending arm will not be tight, and it will not form a pile, which proves to buy fat:


      · 2nd Shirt:

      · Oxford Shirts

      · Suitable for occasions: life | campus occasions

      · Investment suggestion: 2 pieces required

      · Color recommendation: colorful

      The concept of Oxford Shirts is often confused with the Button Down in the collar. In fact, the two are not a concept of dimension, just like I am: What are the basic shoes that mans need? Oxford Shoes and Brogue Shoes are the same as those of the Chinese and English Ming Wu Tian Tian: one refers to the way the upper is connected, and the other refers to the carved pattern of the upper, so it can be used for a pair of shoes with both carved and triple joints. Shout: Brogue Oxford Shoes! It should go back.

      Similarly, Oxford Shirts refers to a student at Oxford University in order to combat the wind flashy clothes, that white is poor because a fabric specially developed by the Oxford shirt made; and Button Down, refers to the collar point there Two buttons are the collar styles invented by a certain B-head brand in the United States. Therefore, a shirt is a Button Down Oxford Shirts. Please note.

      Oxford Shirts has been designed for students since its inception, so the use of the scene is more emphasis on life and campus, simply wearing it is youthful, is an essential shirt style for spring and summer.

      · 3rd Shirt:

      · Denim Shirts

      · Suitable for occasions: life | campus occasions

      · Investment suggestion: 1 optional

      · Color recommendation: blue

      Shirts made of denim are essentially the same as Oxford shirts. They are different in fabric and more sloppy, so it is not recommended to wear them on any serious occasion. For example, to participate in an offline dating party, you can wear a very characteristic Oxford shirt to express your personality, but wearing a denim shirt will be a bit rude.

      Because in many people’s eyes, people wearing denim jackets are like this, with big tattoos, riding a big motorcycle.

      · 4th Shirt:

      · T-Shirts

      · Suitable for occasions: life | campus occasions

      · Investment suggestion: 3 or more must be

      · Color recommendation: white | black


      T-Shirts is a Shirts that removes the collar and sleeves and is also a type of shirt.

      As mentioned before, whether men’s clothing is officially depended only on whether there is a collar. Since the collar is removed, there is no formal feeling. There are many experiences in wearing T-shirts, and the T-shirts are basically fixed. In the pattern|color|collar type, just write a few small Tips here:

      · Don’t wear a T-shirt with a big logo, it’s easy to feel that you haven’t grown up yet;

      · Don’t wear a deep V-neck T-shirt, the navel will be exposed;

      · Don’t wear T-shirts with meaningful text, such as “Cool”, “Fashion” and “Sports”;

      · Don’t wear T-shirts with “Mystery”, such as Japanese and French.

      · Try to wear a solid color unpatterned T-shirt, black and white are preferred;

      Extra Tip

      Shirts, especially white shirts (https://amzn.to/2AVFA4K), will be a bit transparent, what should I wear there?

      A: Strictly speaking, it is necessary to look at the occasion, it is best not to wear it. If you want to wear it, I recommend wearing a gray cotton V-neck T-shirt inside, which can absorb sweat, gray is close to the skin color, cannot reveal the T-shirt when unbuttoning the neckline, it is not easy to be seen from the outside Come out, white is OK, but the premise of everything is not to be seen from the outside.

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