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    Vinayak SP

    Quick Tips To Protect Your Blog from Hackers – Stop searching about how to protect blog or WordPress website from hackers or how to secure website and keep your WordPress blog safe and secure and follow this comprehensive guide that will provide you tips to prevent your blog from getting hacked.

    Website Security: 5 Tips to Make Your Blog Safe from Hackers


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    Tom Clement

    If you mean protecting your website from hackers, I would recommend the following tips.

    1. you should be the owner of your domain (otherwise, a person that owns your domain name can technically sell it). If your domain is registered with someone else’s name, move it to your account using the instructions of Bluehost, iPage, etc (your domain provider);

    2. you should be the owner of your hosting subscription (same risk as with domain);
    make the strongest passwords possible (a unique password for every account, at least 6 characters, mix letters, numbers, symbols, upper and lower case);

    3. use password managers (1Password or LastPass);

    4. install an SSL certificate on your website (it protects your customer data if you have online store, and helps to improve ranking in Google);

    5. set up two-factor authentication wherever it’s possible;
    install latest versions of all the programs you use (including browser, operating system and mobile devices);

    6. create a backup copy every month (check with your provider whether they do backups, and if not do it yourself).

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