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    As we all know there is an increase in the average temperature around each of our various locations. This is because of a given number of reasons, most of which we are responsible for. This gradual increase , what is the cause exactly, some would say the number of people in the world today is too large and as such it would be controlled, but we all know that the earth is not an enclosed space for heat to be accumulated in that manner.
    The Earth’s convectional current makes sure that heat is distributed evenly around the globe. Having said that, what could be the major cause of the increase in our modern day temperature, the area around us is just too hot that it’s so uncomfortable, one need to go out us his way to provide modern equipments to cool down where ever he is or enduring the heat would be unbearable.
    This increase in the temperature has led to the gradual change in the climatic conditions of earth. While it is true that climate change is a natural phenomenon to a certain extent, the rare at which it is going would be detrimental to the people of all nations.
    Now, what is global warming and how has it led to the gradual change in our climatic condition.
    Global warming is also known as climate change, this is the warming up of the earth’s atmosphere over a long period of time due to some certain factors, which of course would be discussed here. The climate is gradually being warmed up due to the continual human input of carbon into the atmosphere.
    Also the idea of greenhouse effect cannot be overemphasized There are a ton of other reasons why the atmosphere is being heated up but chief amongst these would be the effect of carbon in the atmosphere. Green house effect is the process of retaining the heat transmitted from the sun to earth by the lower atmosphere because of the presence of some certain gases present in that portion of the atmosphere, these types of gases are called greenhouse gases, these gas molecules are capable of absorbing thermal energy and when they are in a sufficient amount can force a disruption of the normal flow of the climate system. Now you are seeing just how these gases are operating. These greenhouse gases include the likes of; carbon (iv) oxide, methane nitrous oxide and even water according to the environmental protection agency.okelightblog

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    What are the remedies to reduce the green house by a layman?

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