The best online business to start in 2017

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      Alex Jones

      Any good business needs to tick all 3 boxes. Only then can it be a reliable business that can work long term, with or without you (which of course might scare some…because people are afraid of competition. Don’t be!)

      It helps if business is also easiest to learn.

      So let’s consider a few businesses:

      Services: Easiest thing to start with at the lowest level (when you are starting out). Simplest example is freelancing…where you essentially end up trading time for money. This – for MOST part – cannot be automated, and it tough to scale up – if its only you involved. Of course you can build a team around you – especially once you have systemized your business, which in this case can be easy to do (since you will be dealing with repeating processes). At the higher level, you’d be looking at consulting, again comes after years of experience, or unless you have some valuable offering which is unique enough.

      Affiliate Marketing: Low risk, low payout system. Well, I say low payout as ideally you get between 30-50% commissions recommending a product. There are 2 good ways of doing this. Long term – build authority in a market, and become the obvious go-to person for a niche. Long term – under customer pain, and understand how to respond to it. Target prospects via paid ads and convert them into sales. Can this entire process be automated (or made passive)? Not completely – but to an extent yes. I have online properties that were created 3 years ago but still generate $10 – $500 per month. Systemized – Yes. Scalable – yes, but returns are not amazing.
      Digital Product Creator: This is the next step on the ladder. YOU are now the authority or really good at offering a solution. So you can build products (training or software) and offer them for one-time or recurring prices (built around say a membership or SaaS site). This is a good business if you are an expert in some area (many businesses move from service to this by offering produtivized services). This can be heavily automated if you build proper systems around what you do. Highly scalable too – personally this is my favorite!

      Physical Product Seller: These days, Amazon FBA, Shopify and AliExpess are the latest craze! And rightly so – physical product sellers are doing really well selling thousands of units every single month either via Amazon or paid ads + Shopify. This is also scalable business – however – requires BIG investment…which can be hard to come by for most people starting out. Barrier to entry is high. This can also be automated and run without you, or with very little effort. Same with systemization. Once you are successful selling one product, its relatively easier to sell another.

      I hope this helps – I haven’t included any resources as there are a lot of resources online.

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      The best business these days are owning a low-cost franchise business, they are best because, with any business or investment, there is risk involved. We know this. But with a low-cost franchise, the risk is greatly reduced and the rewards can be greater. With a faster investment return, profits are noticeable sooner. Cash flow is therefore improved which in turn is going to help with expansion.

      The biggest challenge in starting any business is making it work and overcoming the problems of a new concept. With a proven franchise concept, the franchisor should have already run a successful model of the franchise before making it available to the investor, meaning that a lot of the problems would have been solved and therefore the risks to the franchise should be minimized. A proven franchise model will also show that there is an identified and established the market in the relevant sector. This reduced risk means that you can put more concentration into developing your business in your area.

      The best business these days are franchise business, The best franchises I can suggest you nowadays are Online services, They are the franchise options for many reasons, low cost and less initial space are the two important features of it.

      Look out for a company like Phixman. This company is India’s one of the best Online Mobile Repair Company, this is the best investment because smartphones are becoming a basic need in everyone’s life and we can’t live without our phone for a day. Phixman is the company that takes your smartphone from your doorstep, repairs it and then delivers it back to your doorstep, all you have to do is place your order. It is India’s one of the fastest growing franchises and is the best franchise to start in 2017.

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      Actually, there are a lot of Internet businesses that you can start from now no. Because the online business is becoming more and more popular now.

      There are a lot of internet businesses that you can start:

      1 Online shop

      You can start a online shop or store for selling the most popular products, like girls’ skirt, watches, flash cards, pet food, local specials, teas and so on. Everything you can sell online, but it should combine with your own interests.

      2 Online service

      If you have some skills, you can provide the service for the others. At this moment, you just need to post your services in some place and then maybe you can get some potential customers. Or you can do some part-time job for the needed people.

      3 Be the affiliates

      If you don’t want to start a shop or service, you can find some companies who has employed some affiliates. If you have promoted for them or their products, you can get some commissions if you have bring the direct traffic or sales.

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      all these telling about same method by using different names.

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      I have started 4 online businesses, 2 dropshipping products.

      When I first started, I was told to build a business around something I am passionate about. Yes, that is great for most people if you are just looking for a hobby. If what you are passionate about pays well, then that may be an option but I will tell you the method I use to find products to sell online and how to start an online business step-by-step. I believe places like alibaba is for those that don’t want to do the research it takes to stand out online. You don’t want to sell what everyone else does. Find your product by researching. Here is how i did it.

      BTNB Method (Big Traffic No Brand)

      One of the best ways to find products to sell online is a method called BTNB which stands for Big Traffic with No Brand. It took me a few years to figure this out but I am going to give it to you for free. Let me give you an overview of what this is and then I will explain step-by-step how to use this method successfully. My number one tip when researching what to sell online is that a product should be something that does not immediately invoke a brand association. Let me give you a couple of examples to demonstrate. If I say soap, what do you think of? Did you think Dawn or Dove? If I say shoes, do you think of Nike, Sketchers, etc?

      Now, what brand do you think of when I say Futons? Nothing?? Great. What about glass aquariums?? No brand?? Awesome, that is the first step. There are a few reasons why this is very important.

      If people are looking to buy something online and there is a brand associated with it then they will most likely type in the brand name. It is very hard to compete against big brands and you cannot use their brand words in your content to compete with them. One of my current e-commerce stores is selling futons. While I am competing against big name stores, I am not competing against big brands in regards to what customers will search for. If you are looking for a futon you will most like type in something like ‘cheap futons’ or ‘futons for sale’ and not Kodiak futons. Does this make sense? So now I can write content and create product pages to target generic keyword terms and not have to fight to beat brands at their own search terms.

      You can become the authority for a ‘general product’ and start to build your own brand. You can specialize in a niche and become the brand people think of. Even though my futon ecommerce website is competing with Walmart, Target, Overstock and many more giants I can stand out by becoming THE PLACE to buy futons which my big brand competitors cannot.

      You cannot use big brand names in your internet marketing strategy. You will not win (and you may also be sued). The caveat is that if you are selling these brands then you may be able to use their brand name but that is very different than competing to sell shoes against a big brand such as Nike. Go ahead and type ‘nike shoes’ in Google and see what you find.

      There is a lot of money to be made without having to try as hard and spend as much to compete with major brand keywords.

      The best way to start out finding products is to visit the top 20 competitor websites in Google related to one of your buying terms. To carry on with the futons example, instead of searching for ‘futons’ for ‘futon’, try something like ‘futons for sale’, ‘cheap futons’, ‘futon covers’. Visit each competitor website in the top 20 as well as in the Ad section of Google. Look for common brands. A lot of times there is a brand filter on the website to search by brand and you can see what brands the competitor carries as well as how many products the competitor sells of the various brands. I have done a search in Google and found a competitor (Shop Home Furnishings, Decor & Outdoor Furniture Online) as an example.

      On the left side navigation there is a section conveniently named Brand. This shows you exactly what I am talking about. While not all niches will be this easy to research, this is the tried and true process I use consistently to find manufacturers. This does not mean that all of the brands dropship but if you find many competitors selling the same brand most likely they do. Just because they are listed on , Expect More. Pay Less. and many more big brands does not mean they will not work with you. In fact, I have only had one tell me they can’t work with me that I contacted and I had contacted most before even having any products on my store.

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      Are you trying to sell online but your customers don’t convert?

      I had that problem too, but now I use ClickFunnels to create sales funnels and retain the customers.
      Went for 0.7% conversion rate to 9.2% and I get to retarget them on Facebook!
      Here is a free trial for you:
      Let me know how it worked

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      Hello Addison
      What you have said is superb and I’m really gonna try this. But I need to figure out something else too. How do you manage the delivery? When we add delivery charges then the price goes up isn’t it? But you can get alot of things delivered free of charge if you use eBay or Alibaba. Please help. Tia

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        Ebay UK and DE requires you to provide a free shipping option if you want to obtain the benefits of top rated seller status for your listing via the premium service badge. To qualify for badge, the listing must offer 1 free shipping service.

        To comply most sellers build in their cost into product pricing. And thus offer Free shipping. The main concern in doing this is pricing competitiveness.

        Secondly , sellers in china enjoy a very low shipping fee that is negotiated by their government to promote cross border trading. Other countries may also practice this. Besides this usually the service level is very low resulting in lengthy delivery times.

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      The best part of the clone software is the collection of features. Plenty of features are included in the script, and it takes about a few hours for the web portal to go live on the internet.

      An eCommerce or electronic commerce script is very advantageous for people and making people’s life easier. These scripts are used over internet for purchasing and selling products. This is the reason why people use eCommerce script and use their time in different other works. Some people believe that only a few applications are used for online services, but they are completely wrong.

      A large number of scripts can be used in the various fields such as Internet marketing, Fund transfer, Supply chain management, Inventory management system, Electronic data interchange and many others.

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