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      I was using Skrill in order to receiving direct payments, for nearly 3 years. Reason being: no alternatives. There’s not a single alternative payment service provider that works in my country.

      A few days ago my account got frozen (I’m not able to perform any outgoing transactions, including withdrawal) out of the blue. There weren’t any incoming transaction for at least a few weeks prior to that.

      They asked me to verify my identity by sending a copy of my ID and a form, filled by an employee of the bank i’m using. This process is known to be lengthy and may not even succeed. I still haven’t got an answer after sending my stuff.

      I had most of my money on Skrill at that point (i know, my fault) and even though I didn’t instantly end up on the bench, I can imagine somebody would have serious issues caused by having his money frozen like that.

      It’s infuriating that something like this can happen. I will make sure to not keep money that exceeds the amount I’m willing to lose on Skrill in the future. I would avoid it if i had an option.

      This is not a rant or anything, just spreading knowledge.

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      Is PayPal not an option for you? Or Wire transfer (that’s a very old but still compatible way and a lot of freelance sites like upwork support it).

      Even if you have a USD Bank account in your country, upwork generally supports payments there.

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      PayPal doesn’t process incoming transactions, while a wire transfer was not an option with the bank i was using.

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      John Doe

      What a sad story :C

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