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    warren ross

    About an electric blanket.

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    Saul Haggins

    I am going to assume you are asking this question due to the safety concerns many people have with electric blankets. Let me put your mind at ease. At Better Bed Solutions, there is a detailed review and breakdown about the pros and cons of buying and using an electric blanket and they also remind us that the technology and design of today’s electric blanket is much different compared to 50 or 60 years ago.

    This is when there were many fires resulting serious burns or even death in some cases due to the blanket overheating. Today, electric blankets have a shut off feature that turns off once the blanket reaches a certain temperature after a specific period of time, which is generally 20 minutes. In essence, it is nearly impossible to have an accident or start a fire with an electric blanket with the modern technology and designs we have today.

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    Muntazir Abbas

    I would avoid things like an electric blanket, computer on your lap, tight underwear, and things like frequent long bike rides. While there are many men that can do some or all of these things and have no issues, many wills. Since there is no way to know without exposure to some of these things and constant testing, it may be best to avoid the blanket and warm things in this area of the body for now. Hope this helps.

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