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    Does Breadcrumb Navigation have Good Impact on SEO? Do we need breadcrumbs? How Do They Help SEO? Learn how NOT to use Breadcrumb Navigation for better SEO.

    Breadcrumbs are a great way for search engines from an SEO point of view to index your site and links quickly.

    But are they really good for user experience? Learn more about Breadcrumbs & SEO.

    Quick Guide: Breadcrumbs & SEO [Why & How] | Impact on Google Search Result Page – SERP


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    Breadcrumbs are link with text that shows hierarchy of current page. Below image will help you to understand in better way.

    Breadcrumb helps visitor to know where he/she is right now. Breadcrumb makes navigation more easy.

    Why Breadcrumbs are important for SEO?

    Because, breadcrumbs helps visitor and makes website user-friendly. What is useful ti visitors google loves those things. That’s the only reason why it is good for SEO.

    Second, you can have inner backlinks strong as you will be using links with text.

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