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    I have been facing this issue for last 2 days – I have a WordPress Website and from last 2 days, the website stops working after every few minutes and asking for WordPress installation again. I had checked cPanel and talked to hosting providers. They said MySQL Queries limit is exceeding. The limit is 1,50,000 per hour and it is still exceeding due to which my website is not working. Hosting providers told me that in this case, you have to limit your MySQL connection string so that it will not reach the limit.

    Can anyone please suggest what can be done to resolve the issue?

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    It’s more likely that your website is under attack, resulting in a huge number of page requests, which in turn results in a huge number of MySQL requests.

    So check your web server logs to see how much traffic you get.

    Maybe look at Cloudflare, which is a great solution even for an individual, or a small business. It helps protect against attacks and at the same time caches content, reducing the load on the web server. There is a free tier which is already very good, but of course if you pay more, you get extra protection and more options.

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    I used WP-Optimize plugin to delete post revisions. I am happy after cleaning database, my website database size reduced from 64 MB to just 19 MB. let try

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    If you have follow all of the below steps as mentioned, it’s now time to optimize your database and see how much size you have freed up.

    1. Take WordPress Database Backup (IMPORTANT)
    2. Disable AND Delete Unused WordPress Plugins
    3. Delete All Spam Comments, Trash Posts, and Post Revisions
    4. Find and Clean Orphan Tables
    5. Remove Unused Meta Values From Database
    6. Use MySql Queries To Reduce Database Size
    7. Empty and Drop Unused Database Tables

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    Muntazir Abbas

    The error, MySQL Queries Limit Exceed in My WordPress site. On our platform, the maximum concurrent MySQL connections per user are 10. If you exceed this limit, you will not be able to connect the database and you will receive the above error. However, it will reset every hour. I suggest you upgrade your application and optimize your database.

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