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    I once wanted to be a full time professional photographer and I invested in gear and courses. The thing is I failed to see that digital was the way to go and I spent with a professional film camera (I basically bought at the top and sold at the bottom, newbie me). That basically meant I took a huge step backward with what I wanted to do spending a lot of money I couldn’t afford. A couple of years later I sold my Nikon F90x for next to nothing on eBay and I couldn’t buy me a digital camera with similar specs, so I kind of gave up and turned into a full time musician instead.

    However, my photographer hunch never died and even with low budget point-and-shoot cameras and flip phones I tried to produce meaningful (digital) images, because gear is not really the defining factor for good pictures if you are not talking about being a full time pro photojournalist or you want to work in advertisement or nature or sports and the like.

    I told this little story to say that when I acquired my first iPhone I was in heaven because I finally could produce good amateur hi-res digital images with my friggin’ phone instead of buying a high end SLR Nikon with three lenses. Yeah, it has a fixed focal length, non-existant depth of field and slow auto focus but it’s so easy to use and so versatile I’ll have more of it,

    what is your story? share your story below…

    Thank you

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    Putting a password on my friend’s and then promptly forgetting it. It was funny as hell but he did have to lose it, and the day he chucked it i suddenly remembered, 5555 lol.

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    I already told my friends my passcode and to go to my notes in case anything ever happens to me.

    My notes have everything there is to know. From quotes, letters, homework, ideas, theories, questions, passwords, etc.

    Other than that, it’s resourceful for other things like YouTube to help self-educate, pinterest for home ideas, medium and superbnanswer for my downtime writing.

    Instagram is my favorite for “social” media which I don’t really go on unless I post.

    Calling I need to talk to my sisters and momma.

    My phone is my laptop ☺️ used only for good and not evil.

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    Aliza Lakhani

    My experience with iPhone has been a pleasant one so far

    I’m currently using an iPhone 7

    And so far? I really wonder what had become of Apple, this phone is fucking brilliant. It’s no wonder why Android phones have always felt a bit “weird”. When I pick up an iPhone, it’s hard not to put it down, when I pick up an Android, I immediately use my other hand to hold the other end of the phone

    That’s also not to mention that everything is in one place, and it’s all operated by the same company (Apple). I’m sorry for offending any Android fans, but when I need to use fucking Google Drive to save all my photos, apps and stuff, you know there will be problems

    And not to mention, it’s actually not as easy to reset without knowing the password! I hate the fact that just about every Android phone has the same exploit: the infamous power and volume down combination before the logo pops up. It doesn’t matter if you have the most advanced password ever, or even if you installed all sorts of security measures

    As I’ve mentioned in my past answers regarding this subject, it’s very user friendly, it may not be as easy to download paid music, games and whatever, but hey, I don’t plan to illegally download anything on a phone that is worth a decent percentage of an impressive gaming PC desktop

    After knowing Apple will be removing the revolutionary Touch ID. I’m actually quite upset, it’s so convenient and useful on an iPhone, I really hope they somehow manage to find a way for it to come back

    Despite not having any headphone jack, I don’t mind having to resort to swapping between Bluetooth and using that damned converter port for the headphone jack. Honestly? it’s surprisingly not that disturbing of a problem to me, at least for now

    There, that’s my experience

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    Vikas Kapoor

    Being a former BPO employee, I have been chained to the phones for the good 15 yrs of my life.

    Whether, not allowed to learn a skillset like high-end programming or a travel GDS software, to tweak my job horizon within or outside BPOs.

    I at present have absolutely no money for a high-end gadget like an iPhone.

    I believe in learning, earning and evolving. All these are illegal in my country.

    I have not been earning for a while and I am not allowed to learn a skill and evolve.

    Hence, things like iPhone are an unattainable luxury for me and hence more of a distraction, rather than an attraction.

    Lived a dog’s life. Surviving on bones.

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