Is making my home smart worth the trouble?

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      home smart worth the trouble

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      Frank Bell

      The answer is yes, no, and maybe. It really depends on how you define “smart”, and what your everyday needs are.

      In common use, a “smart home” is often understood as a home where many of its utilities — such as the thermostat, air conditioner, the coffee maker, the light bulbs, the dishwasher, etc. — are connected to the internet and can be controlled remotely, be it through a phone’s touch interface or through a smart assistant like Amazon’s Alexa or Google’s Assistant.

      Making your home smart isn’t free, but gaining remote control over some functions can be cheaper than you think. That said, not every part of your house is worth making smart.

      Being able to turn your oven on and off with your phone may bring you peace of mind and save time in certain situations. And being able to open curtains and control the lights without having to leave your bed can have some practical utility. But gaining control over your toilet’s flush or your sink’s tap? Probably not so useful. So to answer your question, yes, it can be worth it — depending on your needs, and on your amount of disposable income.

      If you have some home functions you would like to make smart but don’t know where to start, try getting in touch with Tronic Zone. They handle every part of electronic design and production, down to the circuit design, and will be able to build a custom device that matches your specifications.

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