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    No wonder many people, casual or professional bloggers, wish to use this area of ​​work to earn money. What are the myths and realities of the sector?

    Before creating my blog, I have to invest in training. Wrong!
    Some sites sell you the dream and promise you, in a few days, bells and whistles to make money through your site and rapid techniques. If certain courses (fee) may be useful for a web novice entrepreneur, beware of scams! Before spending hundreds of euros to professionalize your blog, consider the return on investment. The content of the training is it different from what I can find on the net a little rummaging? He was the author managed to make money some other way than by the implementation of its training? Does it have a personalized between trainer and you? These are questions you need to ask yourself before you start. Success does not depend on the training followed but your motivation and your work.

    To increase my traffic, I create a niche blog. True!
    Two choices are available to you when you decide to start your blog. Either you throw in a multidimensional blog type “lifestyle” that deals with plural subjects according to your taste of the day is to bet a niche blog that deals with only one subject. In the first case, you leave it up to your readers to be seduced by your personality and follow you, and this randomly. In the second case, your readers visit your blog, challenged by the main subject that you decline. They become a potential audience that you can drain and loyalty through enrollment in your newsletters. Customers will not come about by chance, but your blog is to read news in which they are particularly fans.

    I earn more money if I do a blog on the automobile on the banana plantations in Latin America. True!
    Although some subjects quite place on the web for relevance, remember that your blog is to draw traffic to their pages. Among all the possibilities available to you, the themes are more popular than others among Internet users. This is the case of health and fitness and everything that revolves around diets and sports equipment … Money and finance are also topics that challenge: how to make more money, start a business, acquire tips to save taxes … the blogs that deal with friendships and love relationships are also very popular. But be careful topics, such holders. Competition is tough, and you need to equip yourself with an original pen and a new content to stand out on the web.

    I can make money with no predetermined strategy. Wrong!

    To become more professional as a web entrepreneur and hope to make money on your blog, you must, like any other project, write in advance a business plan to meet the defined objectives. This frame allows you to target your audience and understand the issues for which you write. Also, discern if your blog is based on a passing trend or not. This plan will allow you to put in writing the different ways to monetize your income. You should also think about the SEO strategy to adopt and the way you go drain and increase your traffic.

    Who says traffic must make money? Wrong!
    Traffic is one of the pillars of the success of your blog. However, if your blog attracts many users, this does not automatically mean that the business strategy is effective. To successfully monetize your pages, you need to successfully convert visitors into leads and then customers. It is not as the accumulated traffic that is important but the quality of your traffic and targeted conversion rate.

    I have to communicate at all costs. True and false!
    If you mean by that spamming other blogs Comments spaces (influential) to try to inform you, remember! At the risk of you black-listed by many bloggers. As against the communication on the web as in real life is necessary. So maintain contacts on your blog. Interact with your visitors, respond to their comments. Integrate the blogger community by reading and posting regularly on other sites (this is the difference with spam!) On your blog; transparency is essential so that you inspired trust your readers. You can leave basic information about the blog as a photo, email, a small presentation password.

    The advertisements are the only ways to make money via my blog. Wrong!
    Set up a banner on your blog whose product corresponds directly to the needs of users you are targeting and the subject of your blog is one of the simplest techniques. You earn money per click or by a number of views. Advertising is not, however, the only solution to sell and monetize. Sponsored articles, affiliate links to commercial sites, placing a link within articles and free test products are also ways to monetize your blog.

    I use web analytics platforms to inform me of visitor behavior. True!
    A tool such as Google Analytics allows you to analyze your blog traffic by several criteria: the number of unique visitors, page views, times and dates of visits, traffic sources and search terms, referring sites that you sent traffic, time spent on pages … These platforms give you the material to analyze traffic, acquisition, retention, and conversion. In short, you can understand where the Internet users, their number, what holds them on your blog and why they leave. By analyzing this data, you will know how to improve the content of your pages and update your goals.

    I’ll put me quickly fill their pockets! Wrong!
    Think sincerely succeed to earn wages in a short time with a blog is a bold gamble, even presumptuous. Testimonies gathered on the internet show a median gain of 300 euros per month. So you can successfully make money but not necessarily to live your blog. The reality is often far removed from the dream that one.

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    First you need to decide your topic for write in blog.

    Then you have to purchase Domain name suitable for your Niche or Topic.
    After that you need to purchase hosting for host your blog live on internet.
    If you have knowledge of programing you can design your website otherwise you can use WordPress for design blog easily without any programing knowledge.
    After successfully creating blog you can write articles.
    Then you can make money from Google AdSense

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    Yes… It is absolutely possible for Indian bloggers to earn money. In fact, there is much more money to be made than the counterparts from developed countries.

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    Aditi Jain

    Surely, money can be made through blogging. But, for that it is really important to be good in SEO. On internet, content is regarded as the King. Quality content is the one which can engage audience for long. If the content is unique and qualitative, it will be ranked high by the search engine that can increase the possibility of being read by the wide audience. But even then if the content is not engaging and entertaining, the audience will not pay heed to it. Therefore for earning money through blog it is important to have write content on the blog page. This you can get through site like contentmart.com that has some good writer that can weave a good article for the blogging site.

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    Bloggers make money in a variety of ways. They might:

    Put ads on their site and get paid when you click on those ads.

    Promote products or services for others and get paid a commission when you click through their “affiliate link” and make a purchase. (This is called affiliate marketing.)

    Sell digital products and get paid when you buy those digital products from them.

    Sell physical products and get paid when you buy those physical products from them.

    Sell services and get paid when you hire them.

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    If you are starter, you can begin with blogger.com. Start your free blog today. Keep posting quality content. Once you have enough quality content on your blog and a good traffic, you can then sign up for programs like google adsense to step up into online money making. You can also go for affiliate marketing later to make more money. Plus you will be able to make more money through sponsored postings. Money making success requires a lot of dedication on your blog.

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