How would I go about pursuing a career as a theatrical makeup artist?


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      Aliza Lakhani

      I have considered beauty school but they focus more on hair. I’m not sure if I should pay to go to a beauty school and then go to a special makeup artistry school or another option. I have also looked for theatrical programs through technical colleges but that isn’t helping much either. Any advice or suggestions?

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      Do you have everything it takes to be a make up artist? By everything I mean the attitude of giving service to your clients, and of course, the make up kit.

      I have a friend, she’s not full-timer make up artist, but she’s known to be a good make up artist among students and they’re hire my friend for graduation make up. That’s a great start, isn’t it?

      I will assume you’re going to start from the bottom, not suddenly become a famouse one.

      Own make up kit
      . If you already own make up kit, then you are set. But if you don’t have them yet, You may start small with basic kit. Look around you, see the girls/women skin tones around you, because when you start small, you cannot collect all the shades. Choose wisely about the product, the brush, and everything. Essential first, and you’ll expand later.
      Experiment to your friends. Your style might not be the one they prefer. You might have your favorite style, but a make up artist must know how to be creative and flexible. Read magazines, understand latest trend, and listen to your friends. Do they like the way you treat them? Do they like the result?
      Spread the words. Marketing can be in any form of media. Friends, social media, leaflets, and so others. Those friends who satisfied from your training session might share your talent to the others. Offer them best deals they can ever get. You don’t have to be the cheapest, but try to find your own value by discussing with few people about it and see the target. For example, graduation event will be attended by students and they might not be agree with expensive make up artist. Give them best deal. It is important to have reputation. And connection. It applies to every kind of business startup.
      Be consistent. Or if you could be better day by day, it’s great.
      You’ll find yourself grow as a make up artist, and slowly, as the connection widen, the opportunity for you to be a pro MUA will come up to you.

      Good luck!

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      Get out on social media and show off! No one is going to know you exist if you don’t put yourself out there. Instagram and YouTube are popular places for makeup artists to market themselves online.

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