Activity Streams Forums Random how to see who visited your facebook profile?

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    Aliza Lakhani

    how to see who visited your facebook profile?

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    Muntazir Abbas

    You basically can’t. There’s no feature in the app yet. There are some other ways:

    #1. No. of likes and comments being made on your profile. If someone keeps commenting and liking, obviously they are on your profile.
    #2. They tell you.
    #3. Somebody tells you that they saw them seeing your profile.
    #4. Somebody tells you that they heard from them that they saw your profile.
    #5. You spying on the suspect.
    #6. You hire somebody to spy on the suspect.

    Apps claiming to show visitors are fake at the time of writing this answer. Only 2 social networks have this feature – Orkut and LinkedIn.

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    Lisa Cortis

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