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      1. First Believe your self, that your business will create sensation in your field.. because positive thinking and courage will gives you 50% success.

      2. Please provide quality product or service at reasonable price..

      3. Observe your competitors and their plans.

      4. Discuss with the customers about their needs.. and give good service..

      5. Add one new product day by day.. and get new customers day by day

      6. Be friendly with customers, but don’t give place for credit..

      7. Make some Business mans as friends and discuss with them.. Get some knowledge

      8. Make some offer to customers but don’t lose investment..

      9. Advertise your business with local newspapers or local news channel to impress people..

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      peek sharma

      If you really want to increase your sales of your new business, start doing Digital marketing.
      Ignoring digital-marketing for your new business is like opening a business without knowing anyone.
      By avoiding digital marketing, you are losing almost 60-70% of your audience.

      To start digital marketing, take the help of some digital marketer or start your own by getting some basic knowledge by watching you tube videos.
      There are various things in digital marketing which can help your business grow.
      Thing you can do are- SEO, SMO, PPC, Email marketing, etc.
      As we all know that there are large number of users on Facebook, to get more lead you should promote business on Facebook.
      After getting good knowledge, start running ads on Google with the help of Google Ads.

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      Also I want to say that good way to improve your business and sales is to make outsourcing. It is very useful thing for business nowadays. Companies often outsource as a way to lower costs, improve efficiencies and gain speed. I recommend to read this article https://idapgroup.com/blog/why-us-startups-outsource-software-development-to-ukraine/ to understand the benefits!

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      Show Off Customer Testimonials and Trust Signals

      In today’s social media environment, customer feedback has never been more important. Fortunately, this means that your satisfied customers can provide you with one of the most valuable weapons in your arsenal – testimonials.

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      Go mobile.

      Mobile is the new king of retail. Undoubtedly, the mobile technology has brought lots of positive changes which were nearly impossible to imagine, say, 15 years ago. As the statistics above show perfectly, the mobile Internet help businesses to be more productive and profitable. Or as a variant try Reply.io. It’s awesome tools for every business owner, it makes your work more effective by optimizing the whole process. Check out their page https://reply.io

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      In my own business I pay much attention to design. So many interesting programs help me realize my ideas in my job. One of my favorite service is https://masterbundles.com .

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      Kate Fowler

      Just to use different advertisements.

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      If you wanna increase sales for your business, directly go for digital marketing which can help you increase your business sales. I personally recommend getting in touch with any of the top digital marketing company to get it done for you at an affordable cost.

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      Muntazir Abbas

      Internet Marketing is the new trend. How did people promote their business before the digital era?? The key is To advertise your products on a platform where the crowd is high. like superbanswer.com, quora, reddit, worrior forum etc.

      In the pre-digital era, the seller has to reach the spot to attract people. Digital era changed everything. Now it’s your high time to go with digital marketing online and its very easy to attract people or just to make the people listen to you on Social Medias say Facebook, Instagram, Google.

      Just Google and have a word or research on these platforms and you will get to know how powerful it is. Also, seek some freelancers in digital marketing to give a lift and introduce you to the world of Digital Marketing!

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      SEOis very very important for your business as for the current business trends and I will shoot out some of the quick facts to let you know its importance.


      The business needs to be survived and updated with the latest trends so as to make sure you survive in this business industry. This may be an exclamatory note but still, this has to be accomplished to make your survival.

      Beware of your Competitors:-

      As the word business comes into your mind, the mere next knock is with the competitors. So you should be aware of what your competitors are doing to bring out the best. If you are competing with the top competitors, obviously they would have a love for digital marketing and you’ve to hit the boundary line to win the game.

      More Customers, High Traffic:-

      If you implement digital marketing strategy in your business, believe me in short or a long term you will find the metrics have increased and it will help you to get more customers.

      SEO is a big deal now and you necessarily has to get in to it to compete with your competitors. I have been associated with many top digital marketing company in Chennai and I could suggest you to get in touch with them to make the digital marketing presence for your business.

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      Apply the same strategy walmart applies, cut the cost. Sell everything just a bit cheaper than what everybody else is selling in the market. It certainly reduce your profit but your sale will definitely be increased and will also improve your goodwill.

      Providing better service, a warm introduction and a kind gesture are also important but still I think lower rates will do most of the work for you.

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      Sony Backer

      If you have an online business there is a big problem coz you dont actually communicate with customers. There may be dishonest customers. You can use the program to verify email address for instance. It helps to work only with real clients.
      I’ve been running an API-focused business for about 4 years now and have been confronted first-hand with the challenges when it comes to verifying email addresses in large numbers, and it’s tricky to say the least. The key to accurate verification results is a strong and long-lasting sending reputation built and strengthened in the course of a long period of time.

      Here’s an honestly put together this an email validation api service I can recommend

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      Kate Fowler

      “Cheap” is not a very helpful marketing slogan when it comes to food. “Fresh, local, excellent, hot, tasty, interesting, varied…” all pull better than “cheap.” Cheap is ramen noodles, and who wants those?
      Samples. Trial programs. Referral marketing.
      But not “cheap.”

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      Try https://closer.bot/ Closer Bot is the easiest way to integrate Hubspot with Slack and use chat interface to manage deals. I use it for my business and should say it is the easiest program I have ever dealt with

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      Jeorge Waters

      Talking about online sales, your connection with customers is really important. That’s why you should use contact forms as a tool to gather information. And by the way, you don’t have to code anything actually, you can use https://aidaform.com/forms/contact-form.html for example so if you don’t have a contact form om your website, it won’t be hard to add one.

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      LeadGrabber Pro helps startup companies and small businesses to build targeted prospect lists in no time and jumpstart outbound marketing campaigns. https://www.egrabber.com/lead-generation-software.html this is a easy to use and it helps you to generate leads and build lists like an expert.

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      Superb Answer

      People never hate food but selling them differently can make a go. Here are some creative steps to get people to promote your business.

      Utilized the power of the internet as nowadays more people prefer online food orders.
      Listen well
      Tell stories. Think of the stories that you were told as children.
      Use pictures and videos to tell your stories in creative new ways.
      Serve it in an attractive way.
      Think about happy hour.
      Host events.
      Offer combo meals
      Be Consistent Persistent and Patient.
      Grab attention and hold it with simple messages. The simpler the better.
      Create websites and do SEO marketing.
      And try to give less price while comparing to your competitors
      Spend time understanding the changing trends and patterns of business. Apply them as often as you can.
      Familiarize yourself with new tools and applications that can help you and your customers.
      Keep more varieties of food.
      Choose Quality over quantity, because in a food business taste is what will help you retain your customers.
      You can also go through business blogs of websites like economic times, Best legal and accounting services blog – Best legal and accounting services blog – Wazzeer Blog in order to do proper research on more ideas to promote your dry fruits business.

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      I can recommend also to pay attention to QR codes. They are an excellent tool for business branding, website traffic, and attracting customer interest. Unfortunately, interest doesn’t automatically equate to an increase in sales. Once you have the customer base, you need to start hard selling your items using various techniques. QR codes have the potential to help you with increase your sales. If you interested and want to create your own QR codes I recommend this site, works perfect for me.

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      leo adam

      thanks for sharing post…

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