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    How much can I earn from AdSense with 500 organic visitors. ??

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    Hussain Ali

    Its depends on how your site is setup and what specific keywords you have. Depending on the content and keywords of your site, this will drive what people are willing to pay per click. 500 visitors a day can be anywhere from $1 to $10.

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    Approximately $30 per day if you get organic traffic and if your bouncing rate is low!

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    Muntazir Abbas

    1–5$ but it’s fully depends on your site content and set up ads correctly. Sometimes wrong ads set up can decrease your earning. To increase your earning, You can use responsive AdSense ad code converter tool to generate ads according to mobile/tablet/desktop.

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    It doesn’t matter how much traffic you get. You might be getting 1 Million visitors a day but if your CTR is low then you won’t be able to make much money.

    It really depends on how targeted your traffic is.

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    Adsense has been a primary revenue model for many Bloggers and Internet Marketers. The best thing about Adsense is that they don’t have any traffic requirement and accepts almost all the blogs/websites that abide by their TOS. However, most of the Bloggers are not aware of the fact that you don’t start earning money if you have an Adsense account. You need traffic and that too targeted high-quality traffic. Let me explain you what that means;

    How Adsense Revenue Actually Works?

    Adsense has both CPC and CPM-based revenue model. Now let me explain the terminology that we use on Adsense first;

    CPC – Cost Per Click – Varies anywhere between $0.02 to $1 (Max. it can go up to $100 as well but in very rare cases.)
    CPM – Cost per 1000 Impressions.
    RPM – Revenue per 1000 Impressions.
    CTR – Click Through Rate – Clicks per 100 impressions. Varies anywhere between 1% to 10% based on your niche and ad placement.
    The other terms like Pageviews, Impressions and Earnings; which I guess are pretty much straight forward.
    CTR = (Number of ad clicks * 100) / Number of page views

    If my blog has 10,000 pageviews per month and 800 AdSense ad clicks, then my CTR is 0.8%.

    CTR = (800 * 100) / 10000 = 0.8%

    Most of the ads on Google Adsense are Cost Per Click based. That means you get paid whenever a visitor clicks on your ads(You are not allowed to click on your own Ads, it might lead to a permanent BAN). There are very few ads that are CPM based that means you get paid even though a visitor doesn’t click and just view the ad, but these ad formats are very less, and most of the advertisers avoid these ad formats.

    How much money can you actually make from Adsense?

    It depends on a lot of factors and out of all these the primary factors are CPC and CTR. CPC varies from niche to niche and also depends on the geographic location of your audience. If you are getting traffic from Tier-1 countries like US, UK, Canada, Australia, etc, then your CPC is likely to be high. But if in case you are receiving traffic from Tier 2 and Tier 3 countries CPC would be low.

    CPC also depends on the keywords that you are targeting. If you are targeting keywords related to Gadgets, Health, etc., the CPC tends to be high because there is a lot of competition among advertisers in those sectors. So, if you are in a less competitive niche like the entertainment or education, that too in India then obviously your CPC will be very less.

    So, lets suppose you have good CPC, and that doesn’t end there. You need a good CTR as well; that means you want more people to click on your ads. This depends on a lot of factors like Ad Placement, Source of Traffic, Web Page Loading time and a lot many other factors.

    It all depends on these two factors. Combing these two a simple term is used to understand how well our ads are performing and its called RPM.

    Page RPM = (Estimated earnings / Number of page views) * 1000

    Estimated Earnings = CPC * Total Number of Clicks

    = CPC * CTR*100

    Ops, don’t panic. Am not teaching you any formula, and you don’t need any. You just have to look at the RPM.

    Lets suppose like your RPM is $2 then you must be making around $2/1000 pageviews.

    Then if you are receiving about 10,000 page views you should be able to make $20.

    So, if your RPM is $5, then you would make $50 for every 10,000 page views.

    If in case your blog is receiving an average of 10,000 pageviews per day which means 3,00,000 pageviews per month at an RPM of $3, the calculation goes as follows;

    Total Revenue = RPM * Pageviews/1000 = 5*300 = 1500.

    You should able to make about $1500 per month. So, now I hope you understand how to calculate the earnings.

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    I just have a site and added google adsense. It seems to be advertising priceline..etc in flash. I am only getting paid about $1.70 in a month. Yes I have ~500 visitors/month. But google must be drawing some money from these major companies pass down some peanuts to us.
    I’d rather have a clean webpage w/o ads than tricky google adsense. Please share your experiences with google adsense?

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    Alex Jones

    If your website or blog brings in high traffic levels, at least 1M visits a month, then displaying Google adverts can be a quick and easy way to make steady revenue. (50,000 visitors every month to make $100/day with Adsense). It takes just minutes to set it up and you don’t really need any coding knowledge to implement it. 500–1000 pageviews per day is around $20-$50/day. Which is not that great!

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