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    According to reports, the IDF confronted the Palestinian locals after attempting to disperse protesters demonstrating inside these cities.

    No casualties have been reported thus far.

    Several demonstrations are currently taking place across Palestine and the Middle East, today, in response to Donald Trump’s announcement that his country will recognize Jerusalem as the Israeli capital.


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    Alex Jones

    Both of them are scum! Shame on u both Palestinian and Jews. Make peace retards!

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    I’m an Australian and I don’t know anyone here that doesn’t hate the Jews for what they are doing in the middle east. They seem to be a stupid, arrogant group of people who never learn from history because every scumbag thing they do is returned in kind. Anyone who chooses to live in fear as these Zionist parasites do, deserve everything they get.

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    Mamoom Haq

    Russia please help the Muslims against the apartheid western puppets coming in our area. Kick them back to the West.

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    Israel has long declared that it was a Capital but for the sake of maintaining peace other countries didn’t use Jerusalem as the capital but Tel Aviv. After the 6 day war Israel seized most of Jerusalem but because of the religious significance it has in Islam, Christianity, and Judaism it would have caused a lot of conflicts for it to belong to Israel. It was declared as no man’s land and belonged to the international community, Trump’s move will violate this agreement.

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    I’m so ashamed to be an American these days. Every single stride the world has made in the past, is being totally destroyed by our so-called president #NOTMYPRESIDENT

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      It’s funny how all Americans are “ashamed” and “disgusted” that Trump is the president but who voted him as leader because all Americans turn their heads when confronted about this. Who is really to blame for this man ruling America…

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