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      Ben Oesterling

      Finding a supplier for Wholesale Electronic Cigarettes that holds the stock customers reliably demand can be a trial. Finding a wholesaler that has the right stock and unrivalled knowledge of the industry is another plus. If that wholesaler had on hand a staff that was approachable, informative, and ready to pass that along to you would be an added benefit. Luckily, such a supplier is not only available, but also at your service. For almost a decade, Kingdom Vapor has been the saving grace of many a vape shop proprietor. With a full line of electronic cigarettes and mods, Kingdom Vapor has kept the shelves and pages full for vape shop owners. It doesn’t end there, because if your vape shop needs it, Kingdom Vapor has it. Everyone knows that mods and e liquids are essential and bring high visibility, but to keep everything going, Kingdom Vapor also stocks all the accessories that are needed not only for spare use and repair, but for customization and flair. On top of your need for wholesale electronic cigarettes and e liquids, you’ll need tanks, pods and coils for those devices, and also chargers and batteries to round out the complete bill of goods. The good news is Kingdom Vapor has it all and more.

      For those customers that appreciate simplicity of operation, a slim profile and traditional appearance, Kingdom Vapor has an excellent selection of vape pens and slim mods with the charm of sleek e cigs. The Artery Vapor Pal 2 kit is one of these that hearkens to the inception of vaping as not only experience but art. It pairs sleek lines with two quartz coils for instant heat up time and simple operation, as well as easy disassembly for cleaning. Also with similar appeal is the Aspire PockeX AIO kit, with a slim profile, top fill design and airflow. With sub ohm to 2 ohm resistance capability and a 1500mah battery, this unit offers an enhanced experience over slim lines. Then again, with the ultimate discretion and utility in mind, there is the Joyetech AIO colors kit which comes in fashionable colors while offering a convenient All In One style that combines the battery and tank, making it very easy to use.

      For those looking for the customizable experience that many mods offer, Kingdom Vapor offers this as well. Models like the Vapor Storm Puma 200, bringing an impressive 200 watts of power and full temperature controls to the table alongside it’s flashy exterior and durable yet lightweight construction. Even more impressive is the Wismec RX Gen 3, with 300 watts of power and incorporating a 1.3 inch screen for viewing controls including temperature, power, current, voltage and more. With .05 to 3.5 ohms and a resistance lock, up to 600 degrees, temperature controls and upgradable firmware to take on changes and updates, this is the ultimate in user oriented vaping.

      From the most simplistic of vape pens to the most elite of outfitted mods, Kingdom Vapor has wholesale electronic cigarettes for every customer preference and demand, a desirable support for any vape shop owner or manager. Coupled with Kingdom Vapor’s comprehensive suite of vape supplies aforementioned, it is the one stop shop any vape shop proprietor needs up his or her sleeve to run business smoothly. On top of their exhaustive inventory, Kingdom Vapor’s team brings experience and knowledge to the table to ensure their customers have the information and the goods they need for their businesses. With a supply chain partner like Kingdom Vapor, the trials of keeping stock become a breeze and second nature. To see what’s new, go to

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      Hey! Have a look at Airis Herbva vaporizer from also. It is great that it is really very compact and small. it heats up in only about 20 seconds, and is really very handy for travel. I use it all the time, and I am amazed by its size and fit. It is a great deal for $50

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