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    I’ve had my Tegra Note for a few months, I’ve had a few problems with it but on the whole it’s been pretty good. I have noticed one thing today that is a little odd though. I have a Flixster/UV account for watching digital copies of movies and as a function of this I *should* be able to download a digital copy of each movie to my device for watching offline (very handy for the kids in the car on long journeys, I did this with my much older Lenovo IdeaTab).
    However, when I try toi download it to my device I get this error message:
    “Download unsupported. Downloading to sd card is currently unsupported on this device. you can change the storage location in your settings.”
    According to the requirements (Android 4.4, class 6 or above sdcard) I should be able to do it and I can’t imagine why I can’t.
    Has anyone else had this problem?

    Please help.

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