European Version Jaw Crusher factory

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      C Series Jaw crusher
      C series of jaw crusher in European style undoubtedly becomes the most popular products in the world. When you want to crush hard materials in high efficiency, the best choice for you is the C series of jaw crusher, which adopts the most advanced crushing technology as well as the world-class skill in making.

      1. More advanced movable jaw assembly lengthens the using life.
      2. Integral cast steel structure is adopted for bearing seat, which matches well with the crusher fame, at the same time, radial strength of the bearing seat is highly strengthened.
      3. Crusher chamber adopts “V” structure, which ensures the actual feeding complies with nominal one.
      4. Adjustment of the discharge part is more convenient.
      5. A newly designed tooth-shape side plate, makes the available area of jaw plate longer, and enhances the capacity.
      6. Motor is set on the machine body, which can effectively reduce occupied space, and make it easy to operate and repair.
      European Version Jaw Crusher factory

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