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      Andrew Arst

      Maybe some indie stuff. I just want to find some cool games that I haven’t played yet.

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      Jeorge Waters

      There are some many not so popular but at the same time cool games. On this site you can find lots of good examples of awesome indie games suited to every fancy. The variety of indie games which are pretty often not famous is enormous. Pick any and play.

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      Team Fortress 2 is a well known free game. It is a team based shooter with fun visuals and a crisp game-play. The game, although being a decade old, still fares pretty well, and is a must play in our opinion. The game offers different modes with a simple objective, but the road to that destination is a tough one. Two teams of players are pitted against each other, each donning different characters from the nine playable classes.

      The game is a fast-paced, and calls for quick reflexes to fend off the enemy as the whole pace of the battle can shift within seconds, and with each move having a counter move, the game can be quite tense despite the fun costumes and visuals.

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      What games do you like? About what? I can advice a few good games. Personally, I do not like games with a long plot. I do not have enough exposure to finish the game. I prefer a ‘small’ online games. I play it when I have a free time. You can try to play one of my favorite games. I like games about bikes. I think it’s fun. I prefer online games, because they do not need to download to a computer, and they do not take up memory. https://www.skywardgames.com/category/bike is my favorite site for this.

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      Dota 2. It is my favorite one.Lets take a game, in a low MMR games, its a very good chance that no one buys wards or dust. Every body are in a hurry to pick a few noted heroes like Sniper, PA…etc. So, its a fair gamble that you can sneak your way into and out of fights.

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      Sony Backer

      Dota 2 in my day was so CRUEL to new players, I was a former League player and my friends tried to teach me to play. I quit at one point because it was so complicated, the only way I got hooked into Dota 2 was because my friends forced me into it. I am playing mostly on core positions. I also got some cases from a mystery box and hope to get some interesting things there http://www.itbriefcase.net/mystery-brand-of-e-commerce-and-case-opening-drakemall-com-review I am simply fond of DrameMall

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      Lisa Hilary

      Dota 2 or Skyream

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      Kate Fowler

      I suggest playing http://iospace.games/agario if you are having an opportunity to play something interesting. I prefer this one because it’s easy to play when you are having some break at work or school.

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      Tic tac toe is not famous but it is awesome. Its a tricky game which boosts your mind. I like this game and I will keep it in my list of most played games. This app can boost your mind and enhance you thinking skills. If you haven’t played this game play it once. But many of you have definitely played this game. This app’s design as well as its layout are too good. It was useful for me for boosting my mind.

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