Can anyone recommend tips on screening potential private tutors?


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      Oscar Hutton

      Can anyone recommend tips on screening potential private tutors?

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      Zara Mowle

      According to an article from, parents need to focus on two key areas when screening a potential tutor for their child. The first thing is the tutor’s credentials. It helps if you have a copy of the tutor’s resume and supporting documents that show the tutor’s qualifications. It also helps if you have references who can attest to the tutor’s qualifications and even describe to you their working relationship with the candidate you’re evaluating.

      The second thing that you need to look at, and this is where things get tricky, is the tutor’s compatibility with the learning style, personality, and specific needs of your child. If there is more than one candidate waiting to be interviewed, it’s best to keep an objective mindset during the assessment and have everyone go through the interview and the evaluation process then decide at the end. Of course, the most important thing is to know what your child thinks. After every trial class with a tutor, ask your child what they liked or did not like about the tutor and the session.

      Visit to know more helpful tips that will help parents and guardians like you find the best tutor for your child.

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