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    Vinayak SP

    Things To Consider Before Choosing Right Domain Name | Blogging Tips – Your Domain name is your online identity and representation of you & your brand. Learn how to choose domain name wisely by going through 3 quick tips for choosing the perfect domain name for your blog.

    if you are going to get a domain name or selecting a domain name for your business, then you are on the right page to check most important things before you purchase a domain name for your blog/website/business/app etc.

    A domain name is more than an address. It’s your blog, your business, and your very online identity. That’s why your domain name must show about you and your services. Let’s check out best way to get a domain name for all your online activity.

    3 Rules For Choosing The Perfect Domain Name | Blogging Tips


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    Muntazir Abbas

    1. Don’t Make It Hard To Type

    Picking a domain name that is easy to type is important. Remember that most Americans don’t have fingers. They just have two mega-thumbs. Avoid domain names that are the mouth sounds of dying mammals.

    2. Think Of A Pithy Name

    If your domain name is too long, one user using Windows 98 might mistype it into Internet Explorer 5.5 and then your website will be a failure. It’s best to keep it short, because short domains are expensive.

    3. Use Made-Up Words

    Have some fun and make up a word! Here’s an example of a fun made up word: xenophobia. You can also remove vowels from words to create a hip domain, like http://ADSRSRCH.org. Twenty-seven lowercase letter qs typed out in a row dot com is not a great idea for a domain name because it is long.

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