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Forced Jobs

Forced Jobs:

Everyone may not be an academic position holder,but that does not mean that they will not succeed.

Every person has his own talents and interests and if you let him pursue his interests then he will surely succeed.
If parents do not allow their children to do what they want to do then the situation is like,that you are trying to put a person with bigger feet in a pair of smaller shoes and telling him to reach the mountain peak wearing the same pair of shoes.It is obvious that with ill-fitting shoes you would fall before you reach your destination.

Similarly if a child is interested in pursuing a different career and you try to inflict the career of your choice on him/her then he/she would not be able to succeed as the inflicted career is like ill -fitted shoes.
I feel that your job should be your passion so that it is not a burden,but a source of pleasure.A lot of corruption that is into our society is due to forced job decisions as people then become uninterested in their job and resort to the process of easy money by which I obviously do not mean the “easy paisa”,but gaining more money by doing less work through illegal means.
Please give freedom to your children and let them pursue careers of their choice,for children are like birds who if let free fly high in the sky.

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