Five steps to get backlinks to Improve your Site’s Ranking

The basic parameters that need to be understood and implemented in step by step fashion to get the best out of the forums. These is one of the

1. Relevance/Niche/Audience

Find the most relevant forums for your business niche where your target audience resides.


Shortlist the most authoritative forums based on the quality content and audience base. You certainly can’t spend your efforts on forums which don’t have high domain authority, links from such forum don’t have any weight.

3. Guidelines/Code of conduct

Read and understand the rules of each forum before creating your profile and start posting a post just for the sake of getting a link-back. Many times same forum has different set of rules for individual forum categories as well. These guidelines play a major role in the process of getting backlinks.

4. Contribution

Once the rules are thoroughly understood, create a profile and fill all the necessary details. It will make your profile look genuine and give an impression of a real person. Based on the guidelines, start responding/answering existing threads with your valuable answers and don’t try to include link to your website or product page. Include forum contribution to your daily task list and allot 20-30 minutes daily, engage with other contributors and their content as well. Get some likes/upvotes/shares and build a reputation a knowledgeable contributor.

5. Getting Backlinks

Once you have established yourself as a reputed contributor, you can get backlinks on a regular basis. Make sure you comment on 10 threads and you link-back to your own domain only once to stay out of suspicion.

For example, one way is to shortlist the threads which are most relevant to your product/service and schedule them for answering on an interval of 10 days. In between keep answering other threads with other authority websites like Wikipedia, Quora, Investopedia etc.

Maintaining a ratio of 1:10 is the key here.


This approach will certainly take dedicated efforts and time, but the results will pay in multi-fold if implemented accurately. Building quality backlinks on high authority forums not just help you with search rankings, but also drive awesome traffic and business to your website.