Communication plays an important role in delivering the intended things to others. It is important for business growth. Internal communication is an important aspect of business as it keeps transparency between organizations and employees. Effective communication can increase productivity at the workplace and can enhance the growth of the business.

Business communication is an essential part of business performed for commercial benefit. It includes information, ideas, knowledge shared between the internal and external environment. It is beneficial for an organization as it coordinates the workforce to achieve the designated goal.

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Channels of Business Communication:

  1.    Oral Communication– Oral Communication is a method in which one communicates verbally to deliver certain information. Group Discussions, Video calls, telephone calls, and interviews are the common oral communication ways used in business communication. It is a strong method to convey the message as it includes both the voice and body language.
  2.    Written Business Communication– Written communication method is used where two people are not a presence at the same time. To convey the message this method is concerned. It includes posters, official memos, formal letters, reports, emails, and newsletters, etc. It is a more informative and more descriptive form of communication. It can be used for future reference or as in a document form.
  3.    Multimedia and Electronic Communication– In the digital age, electronic channels play an important role in maintaining business growth. Verbal and written both are an essential part of it. It is more efficient in time, speed and economical.

Essential strategy to Improve Business Communication

Managing Internal Communication– The leader of the organization must understand to spend the relevant time with employees to sort out their queries and response to them to keep transparency among them. A meeting and online conversation can help them to maintain a hassle-free- environment. This two-way communication program can help to keep a balance between the employer and employees.

Team Building Activities-In this method a meeting of team members is conducted to learn each other strengths and weaknesses to improve their better selves. To keep the spirit high these socializing methods are more beneficial for the organization as well as the employee.

Rewards and Recognition Programmes– Employees should be appreciated for their good work. Moreover, the rewards and recognition initiative can help to improve the internal communication process. On the other hand, once the employee remains unrecognized for his good work. He would not be that much enthusiastic as earlier in completing the task. These techniques can help to keep them motivated.

Employee Tour-To boost an interpersonal relationship, employees participate in the competition and team tour is necessary. It is an adaptive method by many organizations to give relaxation to employees for some time as this technique can enhance the work productivity of employees.

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