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Enabling Accelerated Learning with AR

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Augmented Reality
Augmented Reality
Augmented Reality

Augmented reality (AR) is a technology that has applications in the education sector to simplify and accelerate learning about complex concepts. The technology adds a virtual layer in real-time within real world settings so learners can better relate to study topics. At Oodles Technologies, we receive similar augmented reality app development inquiries from clients who want us to create interactive 3D 4D models for their learning solutions. Our AR/VR app developers use technologies like SparkAR to cater to their requirements.

Let’s explore how Augmented Reality is impacting the education sector:-

Augmented Reality Classroom: The traditional classroom teaching methods were boring and it was difficult for the students to inherit the concepts easily. Students with different capabilities took longer to understand the concepts without practical demonstration. Augmented Reality (AR) technology uses 3D demonstration models to enable students to deeply understand the concepts in a virtually created environment. Augmented Reality Classroom training is highly beneficial for students with learning disabilities like Dyslexia, Dyscalculia, Dysgraphia.

Star Walk: Constellation Finder: The app enables students interested in astronomy to explore the night sky. Using the app student can discover the stars, constellations, and other objects in the sky. Students can practically demonstrate the movement of stars and other celestial bodies in the night sky.

Quiver: The app is designed for the hidden artists. Students can not only color the picture but they can customize its design based on their capabilities. The tridimensional, realistic touch enables students to showcase their creativity and unleash the hidden artist within them.

Accessible Learning Materials – AR has replaced traditional textbooks with 3D and 4D models to make learning materials easily accessible. The technology is less expensive and more interactive for the students to gain practical knowledge. Education can be made accessible to students in remote areas with the help of Augmented Reality classrooms. Schools are now using AR animated content in the classrooms to increase students’ engagement within the topic. Students can use AR-enabled headsets like Oculus Go to scan the elements of a book and receive audio, video, and text from the teachers.

Element 4D: To make chemistry fun and engaging for the students, an AR app Elements 4D was released. The students have to first make paper cubes from the special element blocks. Then the students can add cubes in front of their device’s camera to check chemical elements representations, names, and their atomic weights. Students can bring the elements together to check what chemical reactions happen when two elements meet.

Employee Training: The space industry has always been the first one to adopt advanced technologies. Astronauts use AR and MR to maintain a space station. AR goggles enable workers to receive visual work instructions without having to look at the manuals. NASA tested the Sidekick project in which HoloLens was used to give virtual instruction and illustrations to the crew members. Also, According to NASA, the technology can reduce crew training requirements.

Medical Students Training: Augmented Reality technology can be highly beneficial for medical practitioners to perform surgeries in a virtual environment. The technology enables medical students to learn how to deal with real patients students inside the operation theatre within an artificially created environment.

Augmented Reality Technology can be highly fruitful for the education and training of employees at offices and manufacturing industries. Incorporating AR at schools, colleges, and universities make the learning process easier and effortless. The technology concentrates on the retention of concepts to prevent the students from revision work.

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