This blog is talking about a more effective and efficient way for property or buyer / tenant seeking. If you are looking for a house or apartment, do you have any experiences that you feel annoying about screening each property Ad and negotiate with agent or owner? And after you contacted with them, you have to ask your agent to bargain a better price for your property purchasing, and sometimes your agent may not be able to get it done. Here is a better and more lazy method, that is the seeker post what they want and requirement at the platform, then wait for agent or owner/landlord approaching if they have any suits.

At least, the seeker is mentioned the price and the minimum requirements of the target property at the platform. It means both of buyer and seller / agent will not spend a lot of time to negotiate on the price or some other specific requirements.

You may say that the seeker is actually can screen each property Ad to shortlist the range of price and then contact the owner/landlord, but normally the owner don’t know what the buyer/tenant’s expectations about the price or bottom line, then the owner / agent always need to spend a lots of time to chat with different buyers/tenant to understand what they want and maximum prices / bottom line.

The beneficial for seeker, just put some keywords or write down some details what they want about their ideal property, it saves much time on Ad screening and prices negotiation. Once the owner/landlord/ agent saw your post and they can match your requirement, they will contact you directly and at least they knew what you can offer and your minimum requirement for property matching. It save some steps and time of negotiation to make the deal done more faster.

The beneficial for owner/landlord/agent, they can search the ideal buyer/tenant through the platform and contact directly instead of only Advertisement posting to some property sites and waiting for buyer/tenant approaching. They have to scan ideal buyer or tenant through a few time of discussion to understand if they can match their property or even they may meet some wasters who do not actually need a property. The owner / landlord / agent can chat with the potential buyer/ tenant through the site first,  and they can kick out the wasters or shortlist those potential one to chat further. And also, they can save the money for Ad posting about their property selling or rental.

The method is not apply to property seeking, it can also apply to other stuffs seeking such as services or furniture, etc.

If you have any better methods or suggestions, just share here.




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