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Educational Toys and Their Beneficial Impact on Infants & Toddlers

As your child grows from a baby into a toddler there are many different phases that you get to see in them. Researches show that most of the kids develop their mindset while learning to play with new toys. In fact, giving your child some extra time to play is quite beneficial for their learning phase. At the age of infancy, the kid is capable of grabbing as much as things from their surroundings and their environment.

Here, the most basic yet most useful thing that comes into a child’s hands is their toys. Children get fond of their toys so much that they want to take them along everywhere they go. And if those toys are educational then it can automatically help to enhance a different set of skills.

While playing with the toys they can naturally grow into and learn problem-solving skills, they can also learn to have a focus on their small goals, the process of learning, language, thinking, and reasoning.

A study has proven that a child can start learning and grabbing things from their toys at the age of one-month-old. Based on their different age groups here are some ideas of educational toys and the reason why they are beneficial to different age groups.  

Age group #1 (Infant To 12 Months old) 

At this time of early age, one thing that your child can develop is basic sensory skills. As an infant child tends to grow and develop many movements such as eye coordination, hand movements, and interactions with the family members. As the infant starts to develop these movements he further approaches to look out for their toys and tries to understand the motor skill working of that particular toy. This way the infant learns to start resolving problems on their own end. They type of toys that should be introduced to one year old is -Hide N Side Crawl Tunnel. Baby Einstein Magic Touch Wooden Piano. Crayola My First Palm Grip Crayons, Coloring for Toddlers, 6ct, Manhattan Toy Skwish Color Burst Grasping Activity Toy, Fat Brain Toys Dimple Duo, Banana Panda Match the Baby Puzzle Set, and many other like that are already available in the market or can also be introduced in home daycare.

Age group #2 ( 1 To 2-year-old) 

In this age group, the child begins to find their new mobility. From crawling to initiating standing on their own and walking on their own. They discover many various and different places. When your child starts to bloom they tend to know about their control and coordination with an immense level of curiosity. This is the best time to teach your kid about numbers and alphabets as well. Your toddler will start grabbing things as a part of the play, not from a learning motive. As a parent or as a home daycare teacher you should encourage them to play with those toys that tell them the meaning of something. Even if they do not understand any of them, they will still hold the capacity of around 2 to 3 percent of catching things on their own

The themed or a cartoonist inspired educational playset will be the perfect fit for your one-year-old. For instance, if your little one has played with the alphabet set, then they can easily grab the phonic sounds of those alphabets and can easily learn their pronunciation too.  

There are several educational toys that will easily help your little one to grab things naturally and independently. Such as Mega Bloks 80 Piece Building ClassicMelissa & Doug Deluxe Jumbo Knob Puzzle, Koala Crate, Green Toys Doctor Kit, Step2 Heart of the Home Kitchen and 

Alpha Abacus.

Age group #3 ( + 2 years old ) 

Now, as your child is completely familiar with his actions and their reactions to them. Then it’s the right time to help them develop their cognitive skills. Cognitive skills include things such as thinking, reading, learning, remembering, reason, and pay attention. Having a hold on these skills will not help to nurture in the schools but will enhance to have better decision-making techniques. Therefore one should introduce them to the set of educational toys which will help them to learn about the new words and numbers. Apart from that, your kid should also indulge in some physical play. Approaching them to play outside with a tricycle or a football will make them much more active. It is necessary for your toddler and infant to exercise a bit in order to grow efficiently. There are many educational toys that will help your kid to attain a knowledge of both areas. Toys that could be beneficial for them are Play-Doh, Smartmax Basic 36 Magnetic Discovery, Slide, Chunky Letter & Number Puzzles, The Cupcake Game, Pop The Pig, Melissa & Doug Magnetic, and Human Body Play Set.

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