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Duracable Has the Drain Snake Machines for Your Business

The invention of the Drain Snake Machine changed the way we have cleared pipes since 1933. Before the inception of the first machines from Roto-Rooter, clogged pipes beyond the reach of plumbers had to be excavated and manually cleaned. Once the first machines became commercially available, enterprising individuals across the country started to open up professional drain cleaning businesses and making their living feeding sewer snakes. Almost a century later these machines are still the fixture of the drain cleaning business, and having a machine you can rely on is crucial to your businesses’ success. At Duracable Manufacturing, our drain cleaning machines are built to the highest standards and include all the features needed to clean any line, from sinks to sewer mains.

We make each of our machines in the USA with top grade materials. With machines of every size, you can find the perfect cleaner machine from our catalog. Our 9 models include sink machines, sled machines, and upright machines.

Sink Models
DM125 – Our smallest machine, this lightweight but powerful model features a ? HP motor which outputs 230 RPM. Perfect for snaking a sink drain, this machine can be run horizontally or upright. With a guide tube and quick lock tube bracket, this machine will help keep surfaces safe from spinning cables.

DM138 – One of our best selling machines, the DM138 features a ¼ HP motor and a compact frame. Perfect for professionals who need a smaller machine, or residential maintenance managers who are tired of hiring technicians or using hand-cranked drain augers. These machines can power through any small drain clog.

DM150 – The DM150 features a unique frame design and our powerful ¼ HP motor. The pivoting drum of this machine features 5 locking positions between 0 and 90 degrees to perfectly fit any drain cleaning jobs, even in tight spaces.

Sled Models
J-Maxx – Our J-Maxx machine is our smallest sled machine, perfect for jobs that require both power and mobility. This machine features a convenient T handle for easy transport. With a powerful ? HP motor, the J-Maxx is ideal for clearing drain lines from 1 ¼” to 4”.

DM10 – This model can handle up to a 19” reel for jobs that require up to 75’ of cable. With easily removable reels and their telescoping handle design, these machines are the perfect combination of power and portability.

DM30 – These powerful machines feature a powerful ½ HP motor and can accommodate up to 100’ of sewer cable. These are our smallest machines that feature a powered cable feed and return system for ease of operation.

DM55 – Our most powerful sled model, this machine features a ¾ HP motor and a contained, maintenance free gearbox design. The wiring is run through the frame for operator safety and the DM55 can handle up to 900 lbs of cable. Perfect for cutting tree roots and other industrial applications, these machines can stand up to the toughest jobs.

Upright Models
DM162 – Our compact upright model, the DM162 features stair glides to help move this powerful machine anywhere you need it. Perfect for clearing drains from 2” to 6”, these machines also feature a toolbox to hold all of your supplies in one convenient package.

DM175 – The perfect machine for mainline jobs, these uprights can hold cables over 100 feet long. With our powerful direct drive design, these machines feature a 10:1 gear ratio that produces amazing torque. This heavy-duty machine also includes a winch hookup for ease of loading and unloading.

No matter what jobs your business needs to tackle, Duracable has the perfect machines for you. Each machine features easily swappable reels, air foot switch control, and are compatible with most brands of cable. With a 2 to 3 year warranty on each machine’s motor and frame, you can buy from us with confidence. To find the next machine for your business, visit our website or give our team a call at 515-512-9817. If your drain snake machine is the tool of your trade, don’t settle for second best, buy with Duracable today.

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