In Today’s world with increasing competition it has become challenging for marketers to grab the attention of their target audiences.Don’t you feel  creating innovative content every time is difficult and a tedious task ?Embedding social media or you can say user generated content, on your websites is one of the most trending ways to increase user engagement and also to increase sales and conversions of business.

Social media embedding is the integration of your social media posts and profiles, with this your customers could know your social media presence .

Let’s look at the benefits of embedding social media posts on your website 

  •  Displaying user generated content on your website helps in increasing user engagement . 
  • Builds social proof among people . Opinions and experiences of customers who have already used the product are more reliable sources rather than brand commercials 
  • It is a cost effective marketing strategy as the content is created by the users for the brand .It also reduces the burden on content marketers . Innovative content can be collected  from customers around the world .By embedding comments , videos , images user generated content can help in saving a lot of time and in the creating brand commercials 
  • Social media feeds change the look and feel of your website .It makes your website look attractive and dynamic and visitors on your website tend to spend more time .
  •  The ultimate goal of any brand is to boost its sales and conversions through marketing . User generated content helps them to achieve it easily .UGC converts at a higher rate than the content produced by the brand . 

Methods Of Embedding Social Media Feed On Website

There are some of the Methods via which you can Embed social media feeds on your website :

Directly Embedding Posts from social media itself

One of the ways to embed posts on your website is to directly embed it through social media. All you have to do is to :

– Choose the post you want to embed , you’ll find the “EMBED”option over there 

-Copy the code that appears and paste it into your website’s HTML editor

Twitter Instagram Facebook Pinterest are some networks that allow you to directly embed posts to your website.

Facebook allows several technical facilities .Twitter on the other hand, allows users to edit posts with options like editing the texts ,hiding the retweets and  comments .One can easily embed user generated content or other posts by using social media networks itself without depending on other ways

Unfortunately LinkedIn still does not have direct embedding capabilities for a specific post

Another limitations with this is the user have to embed post one by one , entire feed cannot be embedded

Social Media Widget 

With social media aggregators you can curate content, posts, images, and even hashtags from  different social media  channels into one simple, beautiful feed. Then embed or display your aggregated social media feed wherever you want. Social media aggregation is often used to display user-generated content on websites .

Apart from curating they  provide you with  various customisation options such  as amazing display themes , background ,banners,font colors along with brand logo banners and many more features.This will help in making your websites or digital screen attractive and dynamic .You have options of moderation wherein you can decide which posts to show and which not. With the analytics feature you can track the performance of your social wall through and use it to generate reports and improve the user engagement. The price and features depend upon one tool to another .Taggbox is one such social media aggregator that provides you with all the features that too at reasonable price.


Plugins are one of the fastest methods to embed social media content on your website . For example WordPress ,it  is an open-source platform with lots of plugins in various niches.But the only drawback that comes with it is that it is limited and unique for every platform ,thus Plugins cannot be used everywhere.The wordpress plugin you cannot install them in non wordpress websites . 

Capture and embed 

 Embedding a custom post could be another option . You can always capture a screenshot and attach it easily to your website .One can also use screen recording apps available in stores to record a video . So , you can always choose a short path by using the capturing and embedding method.


So, now you know about different ways you can display social media feeds on your website , also how user generated content enhances your user engagement , 

So why are you still waiting ?Displaying social media posts is a great way to keep your website updated with current content from your and user generated posts for the brand. Look for which method suits you the most and try embedding posts now in order to achieve your marketing and branding goals.


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