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Difference in quality and ordinary tour package

A debate is still around that it is good to plan a tour with a travel agent or it is best to travel on your own. Though both have got their own positives and negatives, but the weight is slightly more on the side of booking a travel agent. One of the best things that we love about booking a tour planner is the hassle that it takes away from the trip. You just have to tell your budget and the place you wish to visit. Rest everything will be planned by the agent within your budget.

But, it is not as simple as we think it is. There are thousands of travel agents in the market and all claim to deliver extraordinary service to their clients. But there is a slight difference between they say they are and what actually they are. We will tell you the difference between a Best Tour Package providing company and an ordinary travel agent.

Customer satisfaction

The first thing that decides the quality of service of a travel agent is its customer satisfaction level. If your clients are happy that means you are well-established in your business but if they are not you need to take some quick measures to improve it. So this is how you can differentiate between the two by checking customer reviews. And if possible, you can talk to them too.

Grievances handling ability

A good tour planner will always be on its toes to clear any difficulties clients face while they are on the trip. Even if you have issues with the hotel, location, or anything, a good agent will try to resolve the issue as soon as possible. But on the other hand, who does not have much experience will try to manipulate things and let you suffer. With a quality company, if they fail or get delayed to deliver, they will surely compensate you in one or the other ways

Deliver what said

False promises are what most travel agents do to honey trap customers with their cheaper packages. They will tempt you by saying about freebies, VIP treatment, and much more but will not even deliver half of what they’ve said. While planning your itinerary with an experienced & reputed tour company will only say what they can deliver. A false promise is not in their dictionary.

Complete knowledge

It is your duty to do proper research about the place you wish to travel to. This is because just like things, cities also change with time. You must be aware of which new tourist spot has opened and which one is closed for any of the reasons. Just a tour planner will shake its head for whatever you say and will try to seal the deal as soon as possible or just give their options. This is not the case with a reputed travel agent though. It will properly listen to understand your needs & desires and then suggest what will be best & budget-friendly for you.

Besides, it will also inform about things that you’ve already researched before reaching the agent.


These are the simple yet important points that everyone must consider before booking a tour planner. Looking into these factors will surely get you the best travel agent that will make your trip memorable and always be there for you while you are on a family trip or a romantic escape.

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