A cryptocurrency exchange is an online platform that is used to sell and buy cryptocurrencies. traders can exchange cryptocurrencies for another based on the present market value of those assets.

Creating a cryptocurrency trading platform is one of the ways of making money. therefore most of the people want to start a crypto trading platform. here are the simple solutions to set up a crypto trading platform for your business.

What is cryptocurrency trading platform software

a cryptocurrency trading platform software is the ultimate solution for the one who wants to start a cryptocurrency trading platform instantly. cryptocurrency trading platform is 100% customizable, user-friendly, and secure to set up a crypto trading platform.

The features integrated into the cryptocurrency trading software 

  • Liquidity API

Liquidity API is an important strategy that helps the entrepreneurs to get more visibility and popularity among the people to their cryptocurrency trading platform. therefore you can make a trade on more cryptocurrencies on your crypto trading platform.

  • Margin trading

Margin trading is one of the features that help traders can borrow money for trading assets that can be used to trade cryptocurrencies.

  • Trade engine

Trade engine is the core feature of a cryptocurrency exchange that helps to matches up bids and offers at the same price to complete the trade.

  • Initial exchange offering IEO module

The initial exchange offering IEO is the fundraising event conducted on the cryptocurrency trading platform. IEO additional features to gain profits for your crypto exchange.

  • Mobile trading applications

Mobile trading applications enables traders to trade their digital assets using mobile apps. this helps to trade more cryptocurrencies on your cryptocurrency trading website.

  • Wallet integration

One of the important features on your cryptocurrency exchange platform. the wallet is used to store, receive, and transfer cryptocurrencies in a secure way. it transfers cryptocurrencies to one wallet address to another.


It is used to verify the accredited visitors on your platform by their profile and identity for security purposes.

  • Payment Gateway

It helps the traders to pay multiple ways to perform the trading process via cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies.

  • Referral program

It enhances the number of users on your crypto trading platform by referring one user to another.

  • Admin dashboard

To manage your visitors and to make any customization effectively.

  • User dashboard

It helps the users to trade, deposit and retrieves the funds in a hassle-free manner.

Get a cryptocurrency trading platform software

Grab a cryptocurrency trading platform software at affordable prices at the top leading cryptocurrency exchange development company. we implement the cryptocurrency trading software from scratch based on your requirements and all the above features. we also provide the white label crypto trading software with customized features that will help to set up your very own crypto trading platform instantly. get a free demo available on the website.



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