What is Minter Network

Minter is a blockchain network that allows people or organizations to create, exchange and manage their own coins. The users can set the price for their own coins and exchange them limitlessly with instant liquidity.

Simply, the minter network is a platform where the users can create their own coins and can exchange them for other cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies like the USD.

Special Features Of Minter

Transaction Speed 

The notable feature of Minter is its transaction speed. It processes more than 10,000 transactions per block in 5 seconds. Here in minter, the engine is tied to DPoS ( Delegated Proof of Stake ) Blockchain consensus algorithm.


The coins created on minter cannot be used for paying goods and services. Thus, there occurs a situation of exchanging those coins into other crypto coins or fiat currency for instant payment usages.

Thus, minter allows for exchanging the created coins to other crypto coins or fiat currency within and also outside the network.

Open- Source and Freedom 

Minter is open-source software that allows users to create their own coins and manage them and exchange them when they decide.

It also allows users to fix the price that they want to their coins. This freedom for users inside the network makes minter stand out of the crowd.

Transaction Fees 

The main key features that make minter spread over in short span is its transaction fees. The transaction fees on minter network are never exceeded than $0.01, for whatever be the volume of exchange.

Creating your own crypto coins or MApps on Minter 

We, Bitdeal – Blockchain Solutions Provider works on providing the best for our clients. We have blockchain experts who keep track of recent technologies and trends and update themselves.

Our Blockchain experts can help you in developing and deploying your own MApps for your business growth. We can also help you in minting your own crypto coins in the minter network.

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