Electric pressure cookers like a instant pot duo80 8 qt pressure cookerare very attractive. They are incredibly small devices, that’s why. Just add all the ingredients, set the right temperature, and enjoy a tasty meal in no time, depending on what you do. Another attractive aspect of electric pressure cookers is that they are small and powerful machines. A simple pressure cooker can replace a variety of kitchen appliances. The electric pressure cooker has the ability to do what other machines can do, so it can easily replace 4 or 5 different appliances.

We review dozens of electric pressure cookers and identify the best ones. In our search, we looked at the different programs that pressure cookers offer, the accessories that come with them, the ease of use, the price and more. We have found the best electric pressure cooker that relieves the pressure of feeding you and your family.

What is pressure cooking?
As the name implies, pressure cooking is the process of cooking food under pressure. The ingredients are cooked using another liquid, such as water or soup, in a specific closed closed pan called a pressure cooker.

The liquid boils and produces steam, which raises the internal temperature and, of course, the pressure inside the container.

Pressure cooking basically repeats the acceleration process, but is much faster. All ingredients that can be cooked with steam or liquid can be cooked in a pressure cooker.

Considerations when choosing an electric pressure cooker
Electric pressure cookers come in different sizes, so consider the amount of food you normally cook at one time before buying. Most of the pressure cookers on the market have a capacity of 2 to 12 liters. A small model is enough when cooking for one or two people. For families and parties, look for a pressure cooker that can hold at least 6 liters.

Please note that larger pressure cookers require more storage space and take longer to heat up than smaller models, which can prolong the cooking process.

All electric pressure cookers can cook food at high pressure, but some models offer additional cooking capabilities. There are electric pressure cookers that also work as slow cookers, and electric pressure cookers that work as steam cookers, stir fries, rice cookers and yogurt makers.

Safety device
There are some safety concerns with pressure cookers at this link, so it is important to choose an electric pressure cooker with the primary function of protecting you and your family. Most models have a locking cover that prevents the appliance from opening or releasing lighted vapors that can cause burns during cooking. They generally have vents to safely vent excess steam.

You should also look for an electric pressure cooker with a handle and a pressure sensor to keep it cool and warn you if the pressure inside is too high.

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