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Common Lighting Mistakes to Avoid When Upgrading Home Lighting

Lighting is the key element used for accentuating the looks of the decor. Select the right lighting fixture is essential to change the ambiance of your living space, bedroom or kitchen area. With so many lights available today it becomes difficult to choose the right fixture for your home interiors. In this article, we will help you avoid common lighting mistakes you do while selecting the lights for home exteriors as well as interiors.

5 Common Lighting Mistakes to Avoid When Upgrading Home Lighting

Avoid Using Only One Type of Lighting Fixture

One of the most common lighting mistakes that homeowners make is using only a single source of light in a living space. For a well-illuminated space, it is essential to incorporate different types of light. Different layers of light create a balanced look and ensure greater functionality and visual interest in living spaces. The combination of 3 layers of primary light is important for a well-lit room. Here are three layers of light that every living space should have:

Ambient Light: A general lighting used for the overall illumination of a living room.

Accent Light: Used for highlighting artwork or architectural features of living space. For instance, suitable for highlighting a photo gallery along the entryway.

Task Light: Popularly known as concentrated or focussed light. Used for performing dedicated tasks like reading, cooking or applying makeup.

Avoid Superfluous Use of Recessed Downlights

Homeowners prefer installing a recessed downlight in a regular grid around the home because of their low cost. Experimenting with recessed downlights may go wrong especially when they are placed for illuminating vertical surfaces. Recessed lights do not add any design value to space. Use lighting fixtures like chandeliers, wall sconces, pendant lights, and floor lamps to add appropriate brightness to your interiors.

Don’t Ignore the Importance of Task Lights

Task lighting is essential to accomplish a particular task like reading, cooking, and grooming. It aids you in performing the daily tasks and avoids shadows and mishaps. The use of task lighting fixtures in living spaces is important as it lets you focus on certain chosen areas like kitchen countertops, vanity, and bedside tables.

Avoid Choosing the Wrong Size of Lighting Fixture

This is one of the most common lighting mistakes homeowners make when they don’t plan the size of their lighting fixtures. Hanging an oversized desk lamp over the living room coffee table or installing a too-small chandelier over a large dining table can make the area look and feel disproportionate. Homeowners can avoid this mistake by checking out the measurements of lighting fixtures and dimensions of the room before buying a particular light.

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Avoid Using a Single Light Source in Small Spaces

Homeowners usually don’t pay sufficient attention to illuminate small spaces like pantries or closets. They just install a single overhead light source to illuminate the area. The result is that some areas are left dark and its a struggle to identify items kept within these spaces. Homeowners can install strip lights, under cabinet lights or lighting bars to make the interior feel more stylish, roomy and user-friendly.

Let’s Wrap it Up!

A better home light arrangement can totally change the look of your living space. At Precise lighting, we have a wide collection of lighting fixtures to match your contemporary setting and connoisseur style.  From industrial pendant lights to functional wall sconces, we have it all to match your lighting requirements.

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