Digital asset trading is gaining momentum. Exchanges are improving their trading platforms to be competitive. The number of traders is growing significantly – according to Brokernotes, for 2018, there were 14 million traders in the world. Some of them earn large sums of money for a short amount of time. How and where to benefit from cryptocurrency asset trading? This article will help to understand this issue.

Today in the world there are about 300 large cryptocurrency platforms, each of which has its own specifics of functioning and a number of characteristic features. Their number is gradually growing. In this article, we will talk about the young Coin Market Solution platform.

This platform has already attracted about 30,000 traders from different countries for the short period of its operation. Coin Market Solution allows you to trade tokenized assets. This means that traders on this exchange can trade oil, gold, company shares, stock indices and at the same time pay with cryptocurrency.

Coin Market Solution is one from the few exchanges that have a European license to operate. We have prepared a detailed review of the tokenized Coin Market Solution platform for traders who are just starting to work with digital assets and are in search of an optimal platform. The interface of this trading platform has all the necessary tools that are useful to traders of any level. And thanks to the bonus (which will be discussed below), you can manage your orders, buy and sell cryptocurrency and tokenized assets without any risk.


Ways to trade on the Coin Market Solution

After authorization is completed, the trader enters the interface of the Coin Market Solution trading platform. On the main page, there are about 10 main tabs that are necessary for convenient work. In addition to the main widgets that are directly related to bidding, the platform provides a chart with which you can analyze the dynamics of prices and make a decision. Next to the chart are the Sell and Buy buttons, which allow you to buy or sell the asset you need.

All payments on the Coin Market Solution platform occur using cryptocurrencies. The following directions are available for bidding:

  • Crypto vs USDT;
  • Crypto vs Crypto;
  • Indices vs BTC;
  • Commodities vs BTC;
  • Stocks vs BTC;
  • All Assets vs USDT.


The exchange is called “tokenized, as it is possible to trade various assets using cryptocurrencies on it. The main assets include tokenized stocks, stock indices, oil and gas, food and precious metals.

What is the principle of tokenization? To obtain a tokenized asset, you must have a basic asset. For example, a company’s share can be transformed using blockchain technology into a security token, resulting in a tokenized share. A computer algorithm (smart contract) controls the conduct of transactions with tokens and ensures reliability in operations.

The advantage of a security token is that it provides transparency and security of transactions. Also, thanks to the blockchain, the operation speed is significantly increased and commissions and fees for administrative purposes are reduced.


Bonus from Coin Market Solution

An important feature of trading on the Coin Market Solution platform is a risk-free transaction. It involves a bonus offered by the exchange. It means that customers can conclude a deal without risk of loss.

When concluding a regular transaction, there are only two outcomes – profit or loss. And when using a risk-free transaction, the profit will be credited to your account, and the platform will accept the loss. As a result, you lose nothing. This type of bonus allows novice traders to enter the market, as well as increase the loyalty of existing exchange customers. Working with risk-free transactions is much more effective than with a demo account.

The following case can be cited as an example of using a risk-free transaction. Suppose you are expecting news on US crude oil inventories. You open a limit order to buy it at a price higher than the current one and also place a limit order to sell a little lower than the current quote a few minutes before the news is published. Whatever the final news, the price will go into rapid motion and rush into the trend. Your both trades are likely to work, however, only one of them will be profitable. Due to the Coin Market Solution platform, you will receive only profit in your account, and the loss will be written off.

As a rule, you can get 2 opportunities to carry out risk-free transactions per week, but a larger number is possible, depending on your account.


Advantages of working on the Coin Market Solution exchange

Coin Market Solution Tokenized Assets Exchange has established itself exclusively on the positive side. The main advantages of working on the platform include the following:

  • The presence of an official license of the European Union to carry out activities;
  • Transparency of work. The company does not hide its contact details and employees. The headquarters of the exchange is located in Estonia;
  • Compliance with high-security standards and the presence of an SSL certificate;
  • Professional support service that answers all questions of traders in a short time;
  • The presence of a team of professional analysts who are engaged in daily market monitoring and offer the most promising deals for their customers;
  • The ability to trade not only cryptocurrency pairs but also tokenized assets. You can work with such “digitized assets” as gold, oil and stocks of companies from the USA, Europe and Canada. If you have an account in cryptocurrency, you can benefit from the movement of prices in classic markets, as a result of which time is saved significantly and commissions are reduced;
  • Intuitive interface, protected from hacker attacks;
  • Speed ​​of bidding. The platform does not freeze during a period of high volatility, which is characteristic of many large exchanges;
  • The presence of leverage in a ratio of 1: 5.


It is possible that the cryptocurrency platform has provided such a number of bonuses in order to attract new customers. It is highly likely that risk-free transactions will cease to function in the long term, so it is best to start working on the exchange as soon as possible.

We recommend the Coin Market Solution platform in terms of a high degree of security, the availability of a number of pleasant bonuses for traders, a functional interface and the ability to work without significant financial loss.

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